Wednesday, April 2, 2008

kcsgroove april 2008

Utopia Sundays Salutes A Decade of me on the decks...
Thank You DJ Bruno and Utopia Dancers For A Spot To GET OPEN!!!
So come out and enjoy a great night of Music, Friends, & DANCING (Also on this night give a Birthday Shout To Ne'Ne' - I will be playing some joints for the you & THE DAREALES CREW this Night ;) ;) ;) ;)! 
Utopia Sundays (for more info on Utopia visit: )

SUNDAY April 13th.. and you are sure to hear something below....

      kcsgroove April 2008 :
  1. Jephte Guillaume pres. Wiltrud Weber "Blue And Deep" Tete Kale
  2. Mick Collins feat. KDJ "Keeping You Satisfied" Mahogani
  3. Mzee feat. Kampi Moto "Umoja" 
  4. Black Coffee "Turn Me On" Kronologik
  5. Leela James "My Prayer" (tony loreto ss remix)
  6. Gabriele Poso "Acoustic Dream" Yoruba Soul
  7. Christian Vander "Baba Yaga Cure" (jojoflores live edit)
  8. Amadou Et Mariam "M'bife Blues" (max pela edit)
  9. Prince "Joy In Repitition" (shelter vocal)
10. Lost Heroes "Bambatta" Innervisions
11. Peven Everett "Feelin Who You Are" (remix)
12. Konono NÂș1 "Paradiso" Ache
13. X.Panded Dimension.S "Oweyi" (joe claussell sacred drums)
14. Chico Hamilton "Mysterious Maiden" (yin & yang club)
15. Afefe Iku "Mirror Dance" & "Brujo" Yoruba Soul