Wednesday, May 20, 2020

K Civ Massive May Music Chart

    K Civ Massive May Music Chart
1. James Curd "High Tower" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
2. Moodymann "Taken Away" (Album)
3. Koichi Sakai feat. Afla Sackey "Suolo" & "Yamb" (feat. Kadialy Kouyate)
4. Toshi feat. Xolisa "Audiogasm" (Timmy Regisford Retouch)
5. Franco & Le O.K. Jazz "Quantia" (Nato Edit)
6. Osunlade "Basic Sketches For Beginners" (Album) stand out dancers delight-->"Olé"
7. Daniel Rateuke & Awen "Gold" (Original Mix)
8. Nato "Gonwa" & "Jamundi" (feat. Samarana)
9. Da Capo "Orion's Belt" & "Moyo Wangu" (feat. Batundi)
10. Cortney Lafloy "Intentions" (Timmy Regisford Edit)
11. Wild Dark "Shadow" (Timmy Regisford Mix)
12. DJ Kabila feat. WendySoni "Somnyam" (Manoo Remix)
13. Juan Soul feat. Soumi Des Askia "Moribayassa" (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix)
14. Mausiki Scales "Kaleidoscopic Universe" (DJ Kemit presents The Lounge Lizards Vocal Remix)
15. Sparrow & Barbossa "Ziyon" (Timmy Regisford Mix)
16. Pharoah Sanders "Black Unity" (Myles Bigelow Cosmic House Remix)
17. Ron Trent and Trinidadian Deep "Jumbo Island"
18. Luka feat. Sio "Invite Me Into" (Enoo Napa Remix)
19. Nato "Soumbana" & "Ne Cherchez Pas"
20. Vince Watson "Dreamers"
21. Yotam Avni "Massa"
22. Auntie Flo "Reverence" (Drum Meditation) & "Kampala Boda Boda Ride" (feat. Samuel Nalangirla)
23. Francis Harris "St. Catherine & the Calm" & "Minor Forms" (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trans Rephase)
24. King Fela feat. Omagugu "Yehla Moya" (Da Capo & Nduduzo Makhathini Remix)
25. Blanka Mazimela "Ziduli Zetafa" (feat. SKJ) & "Mpisi" (feat. Xolisiwe & Korus)
26. Trinidadian Deep "Caribbean Love"
27. Moseh Drummist "Ndakuchama" (Timmy Regisford Mix)
28. Stevie Wonder "Creepin" (Ancient Deep Touch)
29. Michael Jackson "The Lady In My Life" (Edit by Mr. K)
30. Niia "Last Night in Los Feliz" (Johnny Jm Vocal)
31. Doug Gomez feat. Benjy "Alma Y Tambor" (Merecumbe Soul Mix)
32. Dayo feat. Elo-Melo "Freely" (Manoo Club Vocal Remix)
33. Elfenberg "Alkebulan"
34. Deep Just "Cinnamon & Honey" (alt end)
35. Fred P "Meditation 1" (Demo) & "Electric Vibrations" (Transatlantic Beat Edit)
36. Da Lata "Oba Lata" (Manoo Remix)
37. Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela "Never" (Lagos Never Gonna Be The Same)
38. Oscar P. feat. Robert Owens "Thank You" (Hyenah Remix)
39. IndySoul "The Moment You Knew" (Jaymz Nylon Afro Tech ReShape)
40. Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine" (K2's EyeKnow Edit)
41. Capital Letters "Smoking My Ganja" (Peter Croce Rework)
42. Mos Def "Lifetime" (Glenn Underground Remix)
43. DJ Sprinkles "Brenda's $20 Dilemma" (Kuniyuki Dub Remix)
44. Unknown "Shwele" (Shelter Main Vocal)
45. Loggins & Messina "Pathway To Glory" (Mr. PC Belle Isle Balearic Edit)
46. Unknown "Potsoyi" (Shelter Alt Vocal)
47. Unknown "Phathe Kahle" (Shelter Main Vocal) & (Shelter Alt Vocal2)
48. Hiroshi Watanabe "Isolated Soul" (Kuniyuki Remix)
49. Bob Marley & The Wailers "Sun Is Shining" (Mr. PC 1Dropsteady Rework)
50. Nato "Yona Ke", "Kuhambo" , "Senja" , "Maipu" , "Alerqia", "Bamba" , "Danzon", "El Secreto" , "Mowi" , & "Spirits"

Friday, May 1, 2020

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" (Togo)

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" (Togo)
Worldwide release May 1, 2020 
Available on all digital platforms

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" (Togo) 
1. Togo Drumming Interlude I 
2. Teamwork 
3. Divine Karma 
4. Togo Drumming Interlude II (Yao) 
5. Goro Goro 
6. Kemeni Drumming I 
7. Importance 
8. Ancestors 
9. Hopeful 
10. Kemeni Drumming II 

K Civ puts together an album of all live recordings featuring sounds, music, and drumming from Togo, Merita (Africa). 

Sounds of Merita: 
Merita is the original name for the continent known today as Africa. It is still currently used by ritual societies around the continent and world. The original Medu (hieroglyphics) word when translated reads Meri - Beloved and Tah - Land; Merita - Our Beloved Land. 

Who made north/north and south/south? Who decided the direction to put the maps? “Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, more expensive real estate, and higher altitude, while south is associated with poorer people, cheaper prices, and lower altitude (the 'north-south bias'). When participants were presented with south-up oriented maps, this north-south bias disappeared.” - wiki

Songs & Recordings:
1. Togo Drumming Interlude I
2. Teamwork
"If you all are one group (team), then work as a team. You all need to have harmony to move forward. If you have success, you need to bring that back to the team."
3. Divine Karma
First Phrase: If your gift comes from the divine world, it’s difficult for a human to break it.
Second Phrase: If somebody talks shit about you, let them do that. You are still going to progress [in your life].
Third Phrase: If you do good things for people, don’t worry about them paying you back. The divine world will pay you for your good deeds.

4. Togo Drumming Interlude II (Yao)
5. Goro Goro
The dance, they call it goro goro (dance of the horse)
“Someone who is above and knows how to ride, to talk to the horse and make him or her follow the rhythm of the music. Everyone has to be doing the right thing because the horse is a deity.”

6. Kemeni Drumming II
7. Importance 
If you call me to come do something for you, it is because you are important to me and I am important to you. Not just anyone can call me and I will come to help them.
8. Ancestors
First Phrase: Asking [Gafara] to enter; asking permission from ancestors and deities to be with them.
Second Phrase: Asking permission from the water spirits (Nana Amína) to be with them.

9. Hopeful
"You are going somewhere feeling hopeful."
10. Kemeni Drumming II