Thursday, June 10, 2021

K Civ June Music Chart

     K Civ June Music Chart
1. Yelfris Valdés "After Sly" (Osunlade Remix)
2. Khruangbin "Mordechai Remixes"
3. Emmanuelle "Italove"
4. Mato "Summer Madness"
5. Noah Slee "Radar" (Kai Alce Remix)
6. Sun Palace "Rude Movements" (Moodymann Remix Extended Version)
7. Po-lar-i-ty feat. Han Litz "Transparency" (Reggie Dokes Remix)
8. Kid Fonque feat. Sio "In Love" (China Charmeleon Remix)
9. Ezel "Bourique La" (Bayacou Guine Re-Edit)
10. Salah Ananse feat. Paul Vincent "Toxic" (Sunday school Vocal) & (Afrique Electrique Dub)
11. Reggie Dokes "99 Wishes"
12. Gabriele Poso "La Bola"
13. Sun Palace "Rude Movements" (François K SATS Dub)
14. Vick Lavender "Equinox (Atmosphere)" (Time Traveler Mix)
15. Billie Holiday "That Ole Devil Called Love" (Moodymann Remix)
16. Omar S "The Shit Baby" & Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself)
17. Guts "The Dutch Benglos" (Shabi Bi-Di-Do)
18. Reel People feat. Omar "Outta Love" (4 Here Remix)
19. Omar S feat. Super Cool Wicked "What's Good For The Goose"
20. 朝崎郁恵 "よいすら節 (Yoisurabushi)" (Kuniyuki Remix)
21. Hablot Brown "GO"
22. Don Cherry "Brown Rice"
23. St Germain "Extra Cabin Baggage" EP
24. Disco Dub Band "For The Love of Money" (Toshiyuki Goto Remix)
25. Maxwell "Fistful of Fingers" (Deep Just Re:Tek)