Thursday, January 30, 2020

Grassfed Disco - February 7, 2020

Grassfed Disco: A gathering for Disconauts, House heads, Lovers, Haters and Burners. Creating a space for all to awaken themselves with euphoric dance and music. A shared goal of cultivating our local scene, feeding our local community. Come let yourself loose with a positive environment of Disco, boogie and love. ♥

Friday February 7, 2020
Grassfed Disco @ Zuzu
Central Square Cambridge, Ma
$5 before 11pm $10 after
K Civ
GMGM B2B Bobby Digi
Amber Jamz

More Artist Info:

K Civ (Immers Music)

For 20+ years K Civ (aka KC Hallett) has brought healing, empowerment and joy to many lives through music. K Civ's passion with music began as a dance enthusiast who traveled hundreds of miles from all over New England and NY frequenting many venues including "The Loft" in Boston and "Shelter" in New York City. However an injury which could have been perceived as a misfortune actually was the opportunity for a transition that allowed him to manifest his love of music by bringing it to others. He started collecting and mixing records to keep him involved with the music he loved. It started with just Deep House music but has branched out into many genres of music. As he stays true to the House music sound he also has a love for Jazz, R&B soul, D&B, Techno, Reggae, Disco Classics, Global Soul, etc.

K Civ moved to Boston from New Hampshire in 1998 and started focusing on his DJ career. To help with his initiation into the craft of being a DJ, K Civ worked in three record stores in Boston (Biscuithead, Boston Beat and Satellite records) and spun at numerous venues around the world. K Civ is well known for being a resident DJ at Soul Revival, which was Boston's longest running dance party. Soul Revival was noted by both Rolling Stone and Urb Magazine as one of the hottest dance parties in the US.

K Civ has grown to be known as one of the greatest DJs Boston has produced. Not just a great DJ to dance to, but rather a true master of the craft. "A DJ's DJ" is often said when asked about him. His ear for music and appreciation of sounds from all over the world keeps him at the top of the list for tastemakers and his passion keeps him ahead of the time. He is the creator of a highly watched blog and chart, by some of the biggest names in the industry. As a producer his edits have gained recognition and placed him among the elite on the scene. Now moving into production it will be exciting to see what comes next...

GMGN (Midnight Riot / Grassfed Disco)

Specializing in a mix of nu-disco, house and disco, GMGN (Good Morning Good Night) is the production/DJ moniker of Ben Adams. With releases on Midnight Riot, Soul Clap Records, KID Recordings, Punch Out Recordings, Mozzarella Records, Startdust Records and more - GMGN will keep you smiling all night long.

Bobby Digi (Grassfed Disco)

Boston-based groove enthusiast with a passion for the deeper shades of disco, house, funk, and tech

DJ Amber Jamz (Truth)

Monday, January 20, 2020

K Civ January Music Chart

    K Civ January Music Chart
1. Andrés "Free" (K Civ Extended Edit)
2. Mr. Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Bara" (M&R Slowmotion Mix)
3. Toshi, Timmy Regisford "Yebo" (Alt1 Vocal Mix)
4. Penya feat. Msafiri Zawose "Penya Safari"
5. Lagartijeando & Budajevo "Ajkumund"
6. Mr. Raoul K "African Paradigm" (Kuniyuki Remix)
7. Coflo feat. Gyrefunk "Rescue Him"
8. Sunlightsquare "Thunder in the Jungle" (Hallex M Remix)
9. Dub Structure #9 "Poetics In Fast-Pulsing Island" (Mr. Raoul K Version)
10. Ebo Taylor "Atwer Abroba"
11. Mariam Makeba "Warrior Mbube" (Coflo Make it Pump Edit)
12. Newen Afrobeat feat. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Cheick Tidiane Seck "Opposite People"
13. Pat Thomas "Enye Woa" (LeonxLeon Keyed Up Mix)
14. &lez "Topinambur" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
15. Da Capo "Land Of Cush"
16. Penya feat. Msafiri Zawose "Yale"
17. Mr. Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Touman (Right Time)"
18. Unknown "Awa Mama" (Coflo retake)
19. D.A.N. "Sundance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
20. Toshi, Timmy Regisford "Dark Room" (Alt Vocal Mix)