Monday, March 12, 2012

Utopia Sundays Presents: Boddhi Satva "Invocation" Album Release Party! 3/18/12

Dj Bruno Productions & proudly present

featuring world reknown DJ/PRODUCER

BODDHI SATVA (offering, vega, bbe)
Sunday, March 18th
Machine Nightclub
1256 Boylston St.
(around the corner from Fenway Park)
$10 b4 11pm
opening set by KC Hallett & DJ Bruno

We're too excited to talk about this man. Let his music and his energy speak for itself!

Born and raised in the Central African Republic, He’s first introduction to music production happened in 1994.
Back then, he was writing, singing and rapping in a Hip-Hop group (Gbekpa Crew) that he and a couple of friends created.

Willing to pursue his studies he will move to Belgium in 2000. He will end up embracing his first love, MUSIC.
He will then begin to develop his production talents and will slowly be seduced by the sounds of Deep House and most notably the music of producers like: Kevin Yost , Alton Miller, St Germain, Osunlade, Masters At Work to name but a few.
“It was like a revelation to me, from then on I decided to play and produce this Music”.

A meeting with Alton Miller in 2005 resulted in giving birth to two Ep’s “Prelude To A Motion EP” and “See The Day”, released on trail-blazing Paris-based ATAL Music.

In 2006 he will realise that the sound of Osunlade is the inspiration that will help him craft his now respected Ancestral Soul touch that was introduced to the world on Yoruba Records with the“Satva Varti Ep”.
In 2007 ATAL, will release “Moina Ya Mokili” Boddhi Satva’s third release on the label done this time in collaboration with Abel Tabu.

Knowned to be a hard worker and called by his pears “The machine” 2008 has been a prolific year for Boddhi Satva who will create his own label “Offering Recordings” and also deliver a lot of remixes and original productions on labels like:
Bubble Soul, Seasons Limited, Seed, Ocha Records, Vega Records, Yoruba Records, Abicah Soul Recs, Franck Roger Digital, Deeper Shades Recs, Citydeep and UGH.

Now signed by world-renowned and Grammy Award winner’s Louie Vega and Osunlade, Boddhi has confirmed he could keep up his creativity by constantly recreating his musical aptitudes.

He will shortly release a full-length album showcasing his ever evolving talents.
His now well-known “Ancestral Soul” mixes and productions will set his profile to rise further.

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