Wednesday, September 11, 2013

kcsgroove September 2013

kcsgroove september 2013

1. Osunlade "Dionne" Yoruba
2. Lulo Cafe & Black Motion feat. Napeleon "Whistling To Bed"
3. Fela Kuti "M.O.P." (lady's groove edit by k civ)
4. Euphonik feat. Shota "Loose Yourself" (delany duvall 2013 mix)
5. Eric Roberson "Take Me Away"
6. Culoe De Song "The Bright Forest" (black motion remake)
7. The Soil "Joy" (da capo's surreal touch)
8. Culoe De Song feat. Soulstar "My Sunshine"
9. Rejazz feat. Mediha "Tears" (kemit's refried rejazz remix)
10. Cubique CB feat. Troy Denari "Tembaco" (cuebur mix)
11. The Bayara Citizens "Kei Kweyo" (the outlaw demo dub)
12. Joe Claussell "Eno" (melodic dub)
13. Sheyi Olagunju & Papy-K "The Edo Messengers"  
14. Sable Sheep "Upon Burning Skies"
15. Osunlade "Camera Shy" (justin imperiale mix)
16. Cachao "Eleggua" (d'oke mix)
17. DJ Bullet feat. Dvine Lopez "I'm Not A DJ" (da capo's touch)
18. DJ Djeff feat. Tantra Zawadi "African Mermaid"
19. Bolla "Medicine Man Drinking From The Well Of The Spirits"
20. Kerri Hilson "Pretty Girl Rock" (culoe de song remix)

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