Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stomp The House 6! ~ Sunday May 25, 2014 Detroit, Mi

Dee Jones Presents:

Stomp The House 6!

Bookies Bar and Grille. 
2208 Cass Ave
Downtown Detroit, Mi

For decades, Dee Jones has been at the forefront of hosting and planning phenomenal gigs. Filling top-notch venues with eclectic crowds who pound dance floors into submission to beats thrown down by world renowned DJ’s. 

The STOMP the HOUSE! party series is one of the best to ever originated in Detroit and consistently ranks among the top MOVEMENT after-parties, not only for Detroiters but for guests worldwide.

Attendees have come from Japan, China, Australia, Germany, Paris, London, NYC, Texas, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Russia, Ohio, Seattle, Chicago, Amsterdam, Switzerland to hear authentic HOUSE music.....YOU get the picture. It's is NOT JUST ANOTHER PARTY ON A ROOF...IT”S HIGH ENERGY....

This year:

Glenn Underground (Chicago)
K Civ (Boston)
Stacy "Hotwaxx" Hale (Detroit)
Keith Worthy (Detroit)
Lena the DeeJay (Detroit)
DJ Poz (Detroit)
Little Bill (Florida)

Previous STOMPers: Al Ester, Lars Behrenroth, Mike Grant, Ron Trent, Stacey "Hotwaxx" Hale, MasterKev, Jenny LaFemme, Kai Alce, Cloudmaster Weed, Yang Bro's, MINX, Todd Weston, PwdrBlu, Christa Schrupp, Andre Murph, Marc Duncan, Earl "Mixxin" McKinney, Lynda Carter, High.co.coon, House Gallery: Adam Francesconi/Jay Ramsey, Reggie “Hotmix” Harrell, Sam Kimpson, Lena on the Emulator, Sabrina Nelson

It’s always the Sunday before Memorial Day at Bookies Bar and Grille. 2208 Cass Ave in Downtown Detroit. 9-2:30am with a $15 cover.
BUT, this year it’s $10 with a Books & Beats wristband from Dee Jones’s book signing and Pre-MOVEMENT party.
Come early and stay late. Full kitchen, 3 floors, roof-top, 3 bars. Due to popular demand, DJ POZ will pump HOUSE, Hip-Hop, Hustle and EDM in the 2nd floor lounge.

Books & Beats. Friday May 23, 2014 at SKY BAR
1150 Griswold- Downtown Detroit. Signing 6-9/11-midnight. FREE with a copy of Ain’t THAT The TRUTH?! $5 before 10pm. Background sounds by Scott Ashley and Little Bill. After 9 sounds by Father Abraham, Marc Duncan, Cloudmaster Weed (France) and Derrick Thompson of Soiree’ International.

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