Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Erato ~ Saturday August 20, 2016

Boston Party People!!!! I'm really excited and honored to be spinning along side T.C.C. The Couples Couple aka DJ Dende and Mystina at Erato Saturday August 20th. Erato just had an absolutely amazing 1 year anniversary party with special guest DJ Jihad Muhammad..... Happy Anniversary Erato!!!! The reason I am most excited about Erato is that T.C.C. and the rest of the Erato staff have been attracting new people to the scene with a great sound over the first year. As I've seen they continue to encourage new people to new sound with great results on the dance floor with an amazing vibe! It is so essential to push this music, sound, and culture onto new people regularly for it to truly grow...... 
Come one come all and check out;
Saturday August 20th
Club Bohemia (lower level of Cantab lounge) 
738 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Ma. 
Doors at 9pm! 21+ / $10 all night 

It's time to Dance Dance Dance!

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