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Coming Soon ~ K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ brings together sounds from across Merita while infusing rhythms and beats yet keeping the raw aspects of the original sounds. Sounds of Merita is inspired by devotion to bring indigenous sounds to the diaspora through aural expressions.

Merita is the original name for the continent known today as Africa. It is still currently used by ritual societies around the continent and world. The original Medu (hieroglyphics) word when translated reads Meri - Beloved and Tah - Land; Merita - Our Beloved Land.

Who made north/north and south/south? Who decided the direction to put the maps? “Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, more expensive real estate, and higher altitude, while south is associated with poorer people, cheaper prices, and lower altitude (the 'north-south bias'). When participants were presented with south-up oriented maps, this north-south bias disappeared.” - wiki

“Afrigogo” (Original Demo Mix)
Traditional Tanzanian players of the marimba chant a carefree dance, along with a type of spider’s web over a hole in the sound box which produces the resonating buzz sound. Add all of that with an african drug sample brings together Afrigogo.

“Tuareg” (Original Demo Mix)
Mali Chants like this are performed by the nomadic Tuareg people of the western Sahara to cure the ill. The music excites the sick person to dance in an increasingly vigorous manner until either cured or totally exhausted. The dance motion is similar in appearance to that of someone falling over his feet while running in place at top speed. This chant is performed by three men and four women, the lead singer is a female medium who first enters a trance then improvises florid melodic lines in seven languages, alternating between them so frequently that her words cannot be understood. Occasional outbursts of unusual vocal sounds are intended to represent the devil being chased away.

“Ahanta” (Good Night Axatse Mix)
At sunset a gathering of 18 females from Ghana perform this ceremony far into the night. Each member of the group sings and plays a large rattle (the axatse). While finding a comfortable range and harmony with the repeated choral phrase and the axatse, the participants achieve a level of total concentration.

"Ahanta” (Ancient Deep & K Civ Original Demo Dub)
Ancient Deep & K Civ give Ahanta a rhythm and flow that expresses a deep dark afro tech house vibe sure to entice any listener.

Immers Music 
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