Monday, September 1, 2014

House in the Park 10! Atlanta

House in the Park!
DJ Kemit
Kai Alce
Salah Ananse
Ramon Rawsoul

House in the Park is a musical exploration of the soul and a vision to see House Music become a unifying movement, transcending every strata of society- ethnic identification, race classification, age and lifestyle. DJ Ramon "Rawsoul" Guyton, the visionary behind Rawsoul Entertainment, and Kai Alce, the man behind record label NDATL, launched House in the Park in 2005, as a gift to the city and the community that supports the monthly music-social offering "The Gathering." HITP adds much needed variety to the Atlanta music scene and features a range of House Music's emerging local, regional, and international talents. DJ Ramon Rawsoul orchestrates this effort simply for the joy of bringing his favorite music genre to life in a tangible, meaningful way.

A quick promo mix made for House in the Park ~ 10 ~ Atlanta
K Civ "H.I.T.P.10" (promo mix)
1. Ralf Gum feat. Hugh Masekela "In The City" (k civ edit)
2. Rabs Vhafuwi & Mizz DJ "Good Friends" (main mix)
3. Ralf Gum feat. Omar "Love Core"
4. DJ Mshega feat. Black Motion "Cosmic Dust" (retouch floor mix)
5. Afel Diallo "Yele Kae Ye" (jose marquez mix)
6. Mark E "Being Hiding"
7. Fela Kuti "Shuffering & Shmilling" (k civ dj edit)
8. Mona Bode, DJ AQBT "Beautiful" (pirahnahead's epiphany mix)
9. Billie Holiday "Crazy" (dj aakmael mix)
10. Sylvester "Over and Over" (k civ party edit)

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