Saturday, January 20, 2018

K Civ January Music Chart

      K Civ January Music Chart
1. Agnes Obel "Familiar" (K Civ Demo Mix)
2. Kazumi Watanabe "Garuda" (Kuniyuki Remix)
3. Oumou Sangare "Laban" (Sobek Edit) 
4. Thor Rixon "The Clown" (Floyd Lavine African Techno Remix)
5. Citizen of Peace "Heart Dance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
6. Myles Bigelow Feat. Miles Bonny "In This Life" (Rafael Moraes Remix)
7. Eddieboi "Black Woman" (Toto Chiavetta Remix)
8. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Amor En Francia" (Nicola Cruz Remix)
9. Vanco, Afro Warriors, & Charlene Lai "Dancer"
10. Janine Lyons "Forbidden Song" (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
11. Son Palenque "La Negra" (Bosq Remix)
12. Ancient Deep "Makes A Whole 1"
13. Oumou Sangare "So Kira" (Timmy Regisford Remix)
14. Antonio Ocasio "What?!"
15. Joe Claussell "Therapy"
16. Izzy La Vague "You Are Like An Instrument Of My Life" (Instrumental Mix)
17. Ancient Deep "New Man" (Nelo's Xpression)
18. DJ Merlon "Inhliziyo" (Shelter Mix)
19. Unknown "Ingoma Yesintu" 
20. Anderson Paak "Seven Nation Army"

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Artist Spotlight : D'oké

Artist Spotlight : D'oké

"D'oké defines himself as a lover of music without labels and explores an organic side equally and say another more synthetic, hence the dichotomy observed both in his creations or in his occasional dj sessions. Born and raised in Tenerife (Canary Islands) he has published themes for labels such as Offering, Cabana, Yoruba, Iklwa & Kalma"

      K Civ Favorites
. Quantic "Muévelo Negro" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Oya"
. Rokia Traore "Nienafing" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Oumou Sangaré "Sabu" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Kerfala Kante "Senekela" (D'oké Mix)
. Tinariwen "Soixante a Trois" (D'oké Mix)
. Isaline "Awaseru" (D'oké Cut)
. D'oké "Yesá"
. Oumou Sangaré "Mogo Te Diya Be Ye" (D'oké edit)
. Joe Claussell "Rezo de Yemaya" (D'oké edit)
. Amadou & Mariam "Je Pense a Toi" (D'oké rework)
. Oumou Sangaré "Dugu Kamalemba" (D'oké Mix)
. Ashong & Parrish - Flowers (D'oké mix)
. Ian Friday "Carib's Leap" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Skinny Joe"
. Theo Parrish "Be In Yo Self" (D'oké Edit)
. Pablo Sekou & Sidiki Conde "Unknown" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Drala "Olokun" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Yanzá"
. Marissa Guzman & EnaWadan "Better Days" (D'oké Classic Deep Mix)


Monday, January 8, 2018

New Music!

Leandro P. Feat. Jaymz Nylon "Let's Stay In Tonight!"

When you find comfort in the music...
Traxsource Pre-Order

Leandro P. Feat. Jaymz Nylon “Let’s Stay In Tonight” is the stellar follow up to their last collaboration the infectious “Paint Me A Picture”. 
Sometimes we need to stay into cultivate a new love or nurture an existing one as we build a life together that we can call home.
The featured remixers; Blames Brown, K Civ, and Si Peirson have created versions that pay an honorable homage to the original while interjecting their own musical DNA with flawless execution. 
Written and Produced by: Leandro P.
Co-Written, Produced Vocals by: Jaymz Nylon
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studio
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis 
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2018 Nylon Recordings

The Adventures of K Civ

Coming Soon! K Civ Music Comics!
The Adventures of K Civ
Special 1st Edition : ATL NYE 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Passage ~ Boston

Passage Boston

Jaymz Nylon put the Beat Down in his first Boston appearance at Passage - Good Life! Honored to hear, witness, and be a part of this fun experience. Looking forward to the next opportunity to share the decks!

Back in 2012 Brooklynite/Producer/DJ/Label Owner Jaymz Nylon founded Passage the home for the more soulful alternative to Seattle's House Music community. Jaymz Nylon along with partners/co-resident DJs Joey Webb and Vagabond Superstar created a long running night that still continues to showcase quality House Music for the Pacific Northwest.

Jaymz Nylon has since relocated back east to the Boston area and has teamed up with local favorite, the extremely talented DJ/Producer K Civ. K Civ has been a part of many amazing nights in the Boston area over the last 20+ years including Soul Revival, Think Tank, Redline, & Blue Cat Cafe.

Together Jaymz and K Civ invite you to experience Passage Boston, a journey in Music.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

K Civ Top 100 Songs 2017

    K Civ Top 100 Songs 2017
1. Amp Fiddler "So Sweet" (Louie Vega Remix)
2. SIRS feat. Cinnamon Denise "What a Day" (Manoo's Batucada Remix)
3. Afro Warriors feat. Toshi "Uyankenteza" (Hyenah Vocal Remix)
4. K Civ feat. Ahem Mediferai "Tuareg" (Original Demo Mix)
5. Oumou Sangare "Koroko" (ABSTRKT AFRIKEN infl)
6. Julius the Mad Thinker feat. Pleasure Prince aka Russell "Perspective" (Epic Club Mix)
7. Kholi "Inner Freak" (Afro Warriors Remix)
8. DJ Kemit feat. Choklate "Releasing" (Ancient Deep Soul Tickler Mix)
9. DJ Satellite feat. Fredy Massamba "Abantu" (Djeff Afrozila Remix)
10. Sona Diabate "Sene Kela" (Mr. Raoul K & Laolu Version)
11. Da Capo feat. Berita "Found You"
12. Howling "Phases" (Toto Chiavetta Colour Two)
13. K Civ & Ancient Deep "Ahanta" (Rough Demo Mix)
14. Moon Rocket & MoBlack "Gafara" (Afro Main Mix)
15. Osunlade "Nyepi"
16. Julius the Mad Thinker feat. Pleasure Prince aka Russell "Fearless" (Club Mix)
17. Oskar Offermann "Bananuamas" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
18. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa "Bambro Koyo Ganda"
19. Nick Monaco "Half Naked" (Adam Port Free Wifi Remix)
20. AbysSoul feat. Sio "Words" (David Montoya Remix)
21. Rebel Tumbao "A Love Supreme/Exodus" (Ron Trent Remix)
22. Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) "Muyé"
23. Mike Steva "Who Am I" (Mr. Raoul K's Afrothings Remix Shortplay)
24. Ancient Deep "Le Freq"
25. Nina Simone "Strange Fruit" (The Black Loops Mattski Mix)
26. DJ Tennis feat. Fink "Certain Angles" (Club Mix)
27. Pablo Fierro "La Palma"
28. Zepherin Saint "One Sound" (Original)
29. Pastaboys feat. Osunlade "Deep Musique" (Rampa Remix)
30. Adam Port "Weekend" (Original Mix)
31. CoFlo feat. Gyrefunk "Ue Ue" (MoBlack Organic Mix)
32. Oliver Dollar & Crazy P "Loose Beat"
33. Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby "Koma Kobache"
34. Ancient Deep "Impression"
35. Hyena feat. B'utiza "Usutu" (Mr Raoul K Remix)
36. Webster Lewis "Do You Believe" (K Civ Demo Mix)
37. Waajeed "Shango"
38. Zakes Bantwini feat. Nana Atta "All Around the World"
39. Adam Port & Stereo MC's "Changes" (Adam Port Remix)
40. Myles Bigelow feat. Chi Turner "You Should Know Better" (Ancient Deep Remix)
41. Jordan Rakei "May" (K Civ Rebump)
42. Da Capo "The Animal"
43. Nainy Koné "Ne Sabou" (K Civ Rebump)
44. Tyrone Francis with Trinidadian Deep "My My My"
45. BiG AL & Christos Fourkis feat. Sha'Aban Yahya "A Dream In Bali" (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Remix)
46. XOA "Diaspora" (Laolu Remix)
47. Dave Anthony feat. Aleysha Lei of HanLei "I Feel For You" (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)
48. Shino Blackk "Wat If" (Shino Zoned Out Piece)
49. DkA "Bonjour L'Afrique" (Sobek Seven Sisters Remix)
50. Glass Slipper "Release Me" (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape)
51. Thomas Xu "Acceptance"
52. Jazzuelle feat. Thandi Ntuli "Parallels"
53. J. Bernardt "Wicked Streets" (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
54. AbysSoul feat. Sio "Words" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
55. Mr. ID feat. Kawtar Sadik "Salat Ala Nabina" (Sifa Remix)
56. Paul David Gilman "Red Earth"
57. Julion De'Angelo "Chase The Summer"
58. Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley "Waiting For A (Woman)" (The Revenge Rework / Dixon Beat Edit)
59. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein "One Blink For Yes" (Cifra Edit)
60. Ancient Deep feat. Crynomas "These Bones" (Original Mix)
61. Vaudou Game "On se Pousse" (Yoruba Soul Remix)
62. Larry Heard presents Mr. White "Virtual Emotion" (Main Mix)
63. The Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition" (Timmy Regisford Retouch)
64. Aaaron; Deckert feat. Valentine "L.D.O.E."
65. Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby "Disambigua" (Jonathan Kaspar Edition)
66. &ME feat. Fink "One on One" (Bedouin Remix)
67. Revolution feat. Msaki "Spring Tide"
68. Mr. Raoul K "Jenseits" (Longer)
69. Bassekou Kouyate "Jama Ko" (Masalo Blueprint Version)
70. Khen & Guy Mantzur feat. Kamila "Children With No Name"
71. Philou Louzolo 'Tartit's Diabba (Tribute Mix)" (Philou Louzolo Edit)
72. Leandro P feat. Jaymz Nylon "Let's Stay In Tonight" (K Civ Mix)
73. Frankey & Sandrino "Wega"
74. Mabiisi "Pagba" (Cosmo & Kramer Remix)
75. Ryan Murgatroyd "Kanna"
76. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, & Junior "Lingala" (Original Mix)
77. Art Of Tones "So Worried"
78. Jonathan Kaspar "Maarifa"
79. Dos Palos "Tear It Down" (12" Mix)
80. Rampa "Hall of Violence"
81. Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam "Belma Belma" (Cuebur & Vanco Remix)
82. Morgan feat. Capone Adama "Akele" (Ancient Deep One Love Mix)
83. Max Doblhoff feat. Idd Aziz "Wanionaje" (Aero Manyelo Remix)
84. Toshi feat. Nikos Diamantopoulos & Chris Deepak "Themba Limbi"
85. MK "Kenkan" (David Montoya Edit)
86. Myles Bigelow feat. Chi Turner "You Should Know Better" (Original Mix)
87. DeMajor feat. Lizwi "Traveller" (Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix)
88. Coflo "Lobo" (Original Mix)
89. Led Zeppelin "No Quarter" (Orin's Close The Door Edit)
90. Boddi Satva feat. Omar "Benefit" (MYNY Remix)
91. Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou "Ne Te Fache Pas" (Bosq's Special Disco Mix)
92. Rabs Vhafuwi "Hands Off"
93. Ron Trent & Manoo "The Sound"
94. Joe Claussell feat. Daymé Arocena "Yambú" (Sacred Rhythm Mix)
95. De Cave Man & TonicVolts feat. Toshi "Mabudede" (Kususa Remix)
96. Ancient Deep "Those Bones" (K Civ Rose Petal Sprinkle)
97. Carlos Sanchez "All I Want" (Carlos Sanchez Soul Piano Vocal Mix)
98. Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) "Café Des Schicksals"
99. Revolution feat. XtetiQsoul & Sio "Running"
100. Burnside "PBM" (K Civ Mix)