Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Promotional Release ~ K Civ feat. Ahem Mediferai "Tuareg" (original demo mix)

K Civ feat. Ahem Mediferai "Tuareg" (original demo mix)

Tuareg ~ An original Tuareg people's medical chant gets a little added rebump from K Civ with some underground dance beats that take this original Tuareg medical chant to another level while hypnotizing any crowd or dance floor.

Tuareg Medical Chant ~
"Chants like this are performed by the nomadic Tuareg people of the western Sahara to cure the ill. The music excites the sick person to dance in an increasingly vigorous manner until either cured or totally exhausted. The dance motion is similar in appearance to that of someone falling over his feet while running in place at top speed. This chant is performed by three men and four women who are led by Ahem Mediferai, the chief of a tribe which was temporarily camped near Gao in north Mali. The lead singer is a female medium who first enters a trance while playing a small drum, then improvises florid melodic lines in seven languages, alternating between them so frequently that her words cannot be understood. Occasional outbursts of unusual vocal sounds are intended to represent the devil being chased away." ~ Stephen Jay 1976

Monday, July 17, 2017

K Civ July Music Chart 17 on 7.17.17

    K Civ July Music Chart 17 on 7.17.17
1. Oliver Dollar & Crazy P "Loose Beat"
2. Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam "Belma Belma" (Cuebur & Vanco Remix)
3. Manoo & Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Dixon Rework & Trikk Dub Mix)
4. Jazzuelle feat. Thandi Ntuli "Parallels"
5. J. Bernardt "Wicked Streets" (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
6. Julion De'Angelo "Chase The Summer"
7. Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby "Koma Kobache"
8. Glass Slipper "Release Me" (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape)
9. Kuniyuki "Acid Air"
10. Ezel "Origins" (Original Mix)
11. Vaudou Game "On se pousse" (Yoruba Soul Remix)  
12. Michael The Lion feat. Amy Douglas "Get It On" (Bosq Remix)
13. Adana Twins feat. Jeppe Kjellberg "Relentless" (Andre Lodemann Vocal Mix)
14. Thomas Xu "Acceptance"
15. Four Tet "Two Thousand and Seventeen"
16. Romanthony "The Wanderer" (Dixon Edit)
17. Erika Nishi "Summer Party" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Utopia ~ July 8, 2017 w/ DJ Bruno & K Civ

Dj Bruno Productions in association with Eastcoast Underground presents:


UtopisBoston Recordings Record Release Party
celebrating the release of "B's Theme" out soon on Traxsource.com

Saturday, July 8th
284 Amory St. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass
Be Prepared To Dance!
21+ | $9 |10pm doors

"B's Theme" by KCIVsAHC

KCIVsAHC "B's Theme"
available at

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

K Civ June Music Chart

     K Civ June Music Chart
1. K Civ "Rhythmo" (Rough Demo Version)
2. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa "Bambro Koyo Ganda" (Original & Analog Versions)
3. Howling "Phases" (Toto Chiavetta Colour Two)
4. Adam Port "Weekend" (Original Mix)
5. Zakes Bantwini feat. Nana Atta "All Around The World"
6. DJ Kemit feat. Choklate "Releasing" (Ancient Deep Soul Tickler Mix)
7. Anohni "Marrow" (K Civ Mix) [rough demo version]
8. Sunlightsquare "Oyelo"
9. Luke Garcia & Th3 Oth3r "Argul"
10. Mr. ID feat. Kawtar Sadik "Salat Ala Nabina" (Sifa Remix)
11. Ewonder & Egudileyo "Moyo" (Doug Gomez Merecumbetech Remix)
12. Kiko Navaroo & Concha Buika "Lo Siento" (Extended Original Mix)
13. Mowgan feat. Capone Adama  "Akele" (Ancient Deep One Love Mix)
14. DJ Vetkuk & Mahoota feat. Black Motion, Nokwazi, & Drumatic Boys "Thando Lok Dlala"
15. Moon Rocket & Angelo Ferreri "It's Gonna Happen"
16. Exte C "Mama Wethu" (Original Mix)
17. Alpha K "Klein Meisie"
18. Culoe De Song "Rambo"
19. Mr. Raoul K "Le Karantkatrieme Peul" (Mr. Raoul K Unreleased Version)
20. Anthony K. "Ritmo Dentro" (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix)
21. Apothem "War" (Enzo Elia's Calabro Edit)
22. Lessons "Tempest" (Adam Port Europa Remix Basic Facts)
23. Nickodemus feat. Hassan Ben Jaafer & Innov Gnawa "Mystic Molay" (Umoja Remix)
24. Freddy Da Stupid "The Percussion" (Dark Cestral Version)
25. Henrik Schwarz "Confirm Humanity"
26. Zara McFarlane "All Africa" (Alternate Take)
27. Catune "Geek Chic" (Kuniyuki's Journey Remix)
28. Rampa "528 Hz" (Live)
29. Mr. Raoul K "Introducing My World" (12 inch version)
30. Omar "Vicky's Tune" (The Reflex "Don't Stop" Remix)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

K Civ May Music Chart

    K Civ May Music Chart
1. K Civ & Ancient Deep "Ahanta" (Rough Demo)
2. Rebel Tumbao "A Love Supreme/Exodus" (Ron Trent Remix)
3. Carl Craig "Sandstorms" (Versus Version)
4. Zepherin Saint "One Sound" (Original)
5. Julius the Mad Thinker feat. Russoul "Fearless" (Club Mix)
6. Jack Cutter "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix)
7. Oumou Sangaré feat. Tony Allen "Yere Faga" (Natureboy Flako Version)
8. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Maria No Me Llevo" (Quantic Remix) [limited 10" vinyl]
9. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons "I Found You" (Black Coffee Journey Remix)
10. Pastaboys feat. Osunlade "Deep Musique" (Rampa Remix)
11. Inaky Garcia "Dum Dum" (Moon Rocket Organ Remix)
12. Seven Davis Jr. "L.F.T.O.S" The Remixes Album [ essential songs ~ "Awake" (Casamena Remix), 
"The Weekend" (Teflon Dons Remix), "Mate" (Extended Mix), & "Champagne" (Produced by Jesse Rose) ]
13. Ancient Deep "Formicah"
14. Abstrkt Afriken Feat. Ade Alafia & Deep Just "Re-Evolution"
15. Jimpster "Silent Stars"
16. Soul Clap feat. Nona Hendryx "Shine (This is it)" (Hot Toddy Marimba Massage Vocal Mix)
17. Rampa "Hall of Violence"
18. Josh Milan "6.9.69" (Album) [ essentials ~ "Live Together", "Lamentations", "Dedication", & "The Big Brother" ]
19. Nibiru Humans "Space Entrance" 
20. Mudd & Pollard "Far Away"(Ron Trent Remix)
21. Khalil Anthony "Needed You Bad" (Byron The Aquarius Remix)
22. Exte C, Rhey Osborne, & Njabulo Msibi "Oh Oh Oh" (Original Mix)
23. Wolf + Lamb feat. John Camp "No Habla" (A-Rock's Summer Fling Mix)
24. Gregory Salto "Otro Dia" (David Montoya Edit)
25. Ancient Deep "Projections EP" (includes Lars Behrenroth Remix & "Early Werk" feat. Carlos Mena)
26. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Curao" (Album) [ essentials ~ "E Ye Ye", "Maria No Me Llevo", & "Maldito Muchacho" ]
27. Trus'me "So High" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
28. Lemon & Herb "Impi" (Original Mix)
29. Catherine Velienne "Mo Mari Fini Allé"
30. Eqwel/ze "Concrete Obstacles"