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Artist Spotlight : March : Osunlade

Artist Spotlight : March 2018 : Osunlade 

"Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Hailing from St. Louis Missouri,
 a place known for pioneering blues, ragtime and jazz as well. At age seven Osunlade discovered the piano and the vision of his life’s destiny was born. By the age twelve he found an interest in creating song. He later formed local bands, taught himself several instruments and studied further the development of his craft.

His professional journey began in 1988, at age seventeen during a visit to Hollywood. He quickly caught the ear of choreographer/performer Toni “Mickey” Basil. Offering him a role in the development of musical pieces for several projects including the children’s television series Sesame Street. With her encouragement he quickly moved to Los Angeles and began what would become a long history of music production. A few years later he would produce the very first album for the then independent Interscope Records. The artist was Gerardo, a long time friend and aspiring actor/dancer. “Rico Suave” one of the very first Latin pop songs and novelty catch phrases to date was born. Now with a multi-platinum album and four gold singles to his name, it wasn’t long before he was afforded many opportunities to master his craft.

Within the next years and over twenty albums credited, Osunlade felt the pressures and practices of the music business overshadowed his passion of music. He deciding to no longer work under the influences of corporate ideals and demands. Choosing to find spiritual solace and honor his soul, he was led to Ifa, an ancestral based culture/religion based on nature, deriving from the Yoruba tribes of Africa and practiced by the slaves during the Diaspora to America.

In 1999, Osunlade would embark on what is now his dream come true. The founding of Yoruba Records. Recognized as one of the most important dance music labels worldwide, Yoruba Records is purely a source of music created to elevate the soul.

As the success of the label grew, so did the demand for Osunlade to expand. In 2001 he released his debut album on the respected Soul Jazz Records label. “Paradigm” quickly became on of the biggest house albums that year and dubbed him the messiah of ancestral house music. With the support of dj’s worldwide and his music now introduced to a wider spectrum of listeners, this veteran musician/composer/producer becoming the artist finally achieved balance within.

Now known for his legendary dj sets, remixes and albums including several mix cd’s, Osunlade has placed himself on solid ground maintaining his reputation of unparallel quality in music" ~ FB Bio 

Thank You Osunlade for all that you have done.

   K Civ Favorites 
Osunlade "Atsuta Jingu"
Osunlade "Sendai"
Musiq Soulchild "Aimewitue" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Vivian Green "Emotional Rollercoaster" (Osunlade Mix)
Sir LSG feat. Jaidene Veda "Memories" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
AbysSoul feat. SIo "Words" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Oveous feat. Manchildblack "Never Fall" (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "Envision" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Gabriele Poso "Invocation" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Divine "My Reflection"
Osunlade "Stomp"
Andres feat. Monica Blaire "Learn To Love" (Yoruba Suite)
Zara McFarlane "Angie La La" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "Nyepi"
Wahoo "Shine" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Floetry "I Want You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Erro "Rock With You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ben Westbeech "So Good Today" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Prince "The Dance" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Roy Ayers "Tarzan" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Yoav "Adore Adore" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Erykah Badu "Twenty Feet Tall" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegecello "Close Your Eyes" (Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Mix)
Sin Palabras "Yemaya" (Yoruba Afro Mix)
Indigénes "Da Hoti" (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)
Luke Solomon feat Natalie Broomes "Say Something" (People Stamp Your Feet) (Yoruba Soul Mix Parts I & II)
Oskar Offermann "Banauamas" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Electric Wire Hustle "By & Bye" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Deetron "I Cling" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Maya "Same Thing"
Elise "Poseidon" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Guti "Hurt" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Cesura Evora "Bondade E Maldade" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Radiohead "Feral" (Yoruba Soul Re Edit)
Alma Negra "Safari" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Renato Ratier "Teatime" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Wagon Cookin "En El Barrio" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Siji "Feels Like" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ian Friday feat. Chris Rob "Found Myself" (Unreleased Yoruba Soul Dub Vox)
Voodoo Game "On Se Pousse" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Sunlightsquare "Celebration Of Oggun" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Fantasia Burino "Free Yourself" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Wunmi "Rader Du" 
Quetzal Guerrero "Morning Gaze" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Masters At Work feat. Victor Duplaix "Reality" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "A Cloudy Mist"
Michelle Amador "Because of You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ciara "Promise" (Yoruba Soul Mix)

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Coming Soon ~ K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ brings together sounds from across Merita while infusing rhythms and beats yet keeping the raw aspects of the original sounds. Sounds of Merita is inspired by devotion to bring indigenous sounds to the diaspora through aural expressions.

Merita is the original name for the continent known today as Africa. It is still currently used by ritual societies around the continent and world. The original Medu (hieroglyphics) word when translated reads Meri - Beloved and Tah - Land; Merita - Our Beloved Land.

Who made north/north and south/south? Who decided the direction to put the maps? “Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, more expensive real estate, and higher altitude, while south is associated with poorer people, cheaper prices, and lower altitude (the 'north-south bias'). When participants were presented with south-up oriented maps, this north-south bias disappeared.” - wiki

“Afrigogo” (Original Demo Mix)
Traditional Tanzanian players of the marimba chant a carefree dance, along with a type of spider’s web over a hole in the sound box which produces the resonating buzz sound. Add all of that with an african drug sample brings together Afrigogo.

“Tuareg” (Original Demo Mix)
Mali Chants like this are performed by the nomadic Tuareg people of the western Sahara to cure the ill. The music excites the sick person to dance in an increasingly vigorous manner until either cured or totally exhausted. The dance motion is similar in appearance to that of someone falling over his feet while running in place at top speed. This chant is performed by three men and four women, the lead singer is a female medium who first enters a trance then improvises florid melodic lines in seven languages, alternating between them so frequently that her words cannot be understood. Occasional outbursts of unusual vocal sounds are intended to represent the devil being chased away.

“Ahanta” (Good Night Axatse Mix)
At sunset a gathering of 18 females from Ghana perform this ceremony far into the night. Each member of the group sings and plays a large rattle (the axatse). While finding a comfortable range and harmony with the repeated choral phrase and the axatse, the participants achieve a level of total concentration.

"Ahanta” (Ancient Deep & K Civ Original Demo Dub)
Ancient Deep & K Civ give Ahanta a rhythm and flow that expresses a deep dark afro tech house vibe sure to entice any listener.

Immers Music 
Pre-Order Here Bandcamp
Worldwide Release: 4/4/2018

Exclusive Preview & Pre-Order

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K Civ February Music Chart

     K Civ February Music Chart 
1. Sir LSG feat. Kafele & Jaidene Veda "Memories" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
2. Wolf + Lamb feat. Russoul "Love You Still" (Lowheads Remix)
3. Andres feat. Monica Blaire "Learn To Love" (Yoruba Suite)
4. Wouter De Moor "Tesla Coil"
5. Prop & Ganda "Bigote"
6. Alma Negra "Berimbau"
7. Paris Cesvette, Ian Friday, & Omar "Smile" (Album mix)
8. Da Q-Bic "Secret Solstice" (Original Adumu Ritual)
9. Omar S "Psychotic Photosynthesis" 
10. Blames Brown "Beautiful Brown" (Original Mix)
11. Moon Rocket feat. Bel-Ami "Like Wind" (M. Caporale Soul B Side Rmx)
12. The Bayara Citizens "Aye Ye" (The Sacred Rhythm 12" Red Vinyl Version)
13. Ezel "Nibo" 
14. Mulya "Brick Talks" (Sobek Remix)
15. Anerah Yasole "Mistari" (MoBlack Remix)
16. Dario Rosa "No Ede"
17. Super Flu "Mygut" (Solomun Remix)
18. Russoul "In The Dark" (Afrofiesta Mix)
19. Smagghe & Cross "In The Morning" (Pilooski feat. Clément Croissant 'Smooth Not Criminal Remix)
20. Boddhi Satva feat. Maalem Hammam "Zid Lmel" (FNX Remix)
21. Kiko Navarro "Sea Goddess" (Main Mix)
22. Maestro "A War Zone" (Mr Raoul K Remix)
23. Oluhle & Nandu "Umfazi Omuhle"
24. Antonio Ocasio "Because I'm AFRO-Caribbean"
25. Freddy Da Stupid feat. Mogul SA "Bantu Origins"
26. Kendrick Lamar "Love" (Casamena Basement Edit)
27. Jack Cutter "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Club Mix) 
28. Kuniyuki Takahashi "You Should Believe"

Monday, February 12, 2018

Artist Spotlight : February : Kuniyuki

Artist Spotlight : February 2018 : Kuniyuki

"Kuniyuki Takahashi (often best known simply as Kuni or Kuniyuki) is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

He records under many different aliases depending on the style of music he is producing, including Forth (dub techno/acid house), Frr Hive (downtempo/drum n' bass), Koss (for techno). He was also a joint member of the group DRP (Deutsches Reichs Patent) along with other member Tomoyuki Murashige. 

His productions generally fit mainly within the house music and techno styles of electronic music." ~ wikipedia

    K Civ Favorites:
• Mr. Raoul K. "Africa" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki feat. Henrik Schwarz "The Session 2" (Original Mix)
• Slam Mode "Umri (Pacifica)" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• Land of Light "Flares" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• I-Robots "Come To Harm" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Arno E. Mathieu "Astral Caravan" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Night Forest" (Original Mix)
• Build Dub Green "Down to West" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Mr. Raoul K. "Dounougnan Magni" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Citizen of Peace "Heart Dance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki feat. Henrik Schwarz "The Session" (Kuniyuki's Piano Mix)
• Yakaza Ensemble meets Syunoven "Icbukeydis" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kazumi Watanabe "Garuda" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• NXS "Sleepers" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Kid's Breath" (South Children Remix)
• Webster Wraight Ensemble "The Vulture" (Kuniyuki Version 1)
• Kuniyuki Takahashi "You Should Believe"
• Hervé Samb & Daniel Moreno "Anta Diop" (Kuniyuki Drum Dub)
• Webster Wraight Ensemble "The Vulture" (Kuniyuki Verion 2 Instrumental)
• Erika Nishi "Summer Party" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Birds" (Original Mix)
• Soft "Uneri To YurAgi" (Kuniyuki A.Live DMT Dub)
• Kuniyuki feat. Bugge Wesseltoft "Inner Groove" (Original Mix)
• Yakaza Ensemble "Dal" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Into Small Hands"


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Saturday, January 20, 2018

K Civ January Music Chart

      K Civ January Music Chart
1. Agnes Obel "Familiar" (K Civ Mix)
2. Kazumi Watanabe "Garuda" (Kuniyuki Remix)
3. Oumou Sangare "Laban" (Sobek Edit) 
4. Thor Rixon "The Clown" (Floyd Lavine African Techno Remix)
5. Citizen of Peace "Heart Dance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
6. Myles Bigelow Feat. Miles Bonny "In This Life" (Rafael Moraes Remix)
7. Eddieboi "Black Woman" (Toto Chiavetta Remix)
8. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Amor En Francia" (Nicola Cruz Remix)
9. Vanco, Afro Warriors, & Charlene Lai "Dancer"
10. Janine Lyons "Forbidden Song" (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
11. Son Palenque "La Negra" (Bosq Remix)
12. Ancient Deep "Makes A Whole"
13. Oumou Sangare "So Kira" (Timmy Regisford Remix)
14. Antonio Ocasio "What?!"
15. Joe Claussell "Therapy"
16. Izzy La Vague "You Are Like An Instrument Of My Life" (Instrumental Mix)
17. Ancient Deep "New Man" (Nelo's Xpression)
18. DJ Merlon "Inhliziyo" (Shelter Mix)
19. Unknown "Ingoma Yesintu" 
20. Anderson Paak "Seven Nation Army"

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Artist Spotlight : January : D'oké

Artist Spotlight : January 2018 : D'oké

"D'oké defines himself as a lover of music without labels and explores an organic side equally and say another more synthetic, hence the dichotomy observed both in his creations or in his occasional dj sessions. Born and raised in Tenerife (Canary Islands) he has published themes for labels such as Offering, Cabana, Yoruba, Iklwa & Kalma"

      K Civ Favorites
. Quantic "Muévelo Negro" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Oya"
. Rokia Traore "Nienafing" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Oumou Sangaré "Sabu" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Kerfala Kante "Senekela" (D'oké Mix)
. Tinariwen "Soixante a Trois" (D'oké Mix)
. Isaline "Awaseru" (D'oké Cut)
. D'oké "Yesá"
. Oumou Sangaré "Mogo Te Diya Be Ye" (D'oké edit)
. Joe Claussell "Rezo de Yemaya" (D'oké edit)
. Amadou & Mariam "Je Pense a Toi" (D'oké rework)
. Oumou Sangaré "Dugu Kamalemba" (D'oké Mix)
. Ashong & Parrish - Flowers (D'oké mix)
. Ian Friday "Carib's Leap" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Skinny Joe"
. Theo Parrish "Be In Yo Self" (D'oké Edit)
. Pablo Sekou & Sidiki Conde "Unknown" (D'oké Blitz touch)
. Drala "Olokun" (D'oké mix)
. D'oké "Yanzá"
. Marissa Guzman & EnaWadan "Better Days" (D'oké Classic Deep Mix)


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New Music!

Leandro P. Feat. Jaymz Nylon "Let's Stay In Tonight!"

When you find comfort in the music...
Traxsource Pre-Order

Leandro P. Feat. Jaymz Nylon “Let’s Stay In Tonight” is the stellar follow up to their last collaboration the infectious “Paint Me A Picture”. 
Sometimes we need to stay into cultivate a new love or nurture an existing one as we build a life together that we can call home.
The featured remixers; Blames Brown, K Civ, and Si Peirson have created versions that pay an honorable homage to the original while interjecting their own musical DNA with flawless execution. 
Written and Produced by: Leandro P.
Co-Written, Produced Vocals by: Jaymz Nylon
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studio
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis 
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2018 Nylon Recordings

The Adventures of K Civ

Coming Soon! K Civ Music Comics!
The Adventures of K Civ
Special 1st Edition : ATL NYE 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Passage ~ Boston

Passage Boston

Jaymz Nylon put the Beat Down in his first Boston appearance at Passage - Good Life! Honored to hear, witness, and be a part of this fun experience. Looking forward to the next opportunity to share the decks!

Back in 2012 Brooklynite/Producer/DJ/Label Owner Jaymz Nylon founded Passage the home for the more soulful alternative to Seattle's House Music community. Jaymz Nylon along with partners/co-resident DJs Joey Webb and Vagabond Superstar created a long running night that still continues to showcase quality House Music for the Pacific Northwest.

Jaymz Nylon has since relocated back east to the Boston area and has teamed up with local favorite, the extremely talented DJ/Producer K Civ. K Civ has been a part of many amazing nights in the Boston area over the last 20+ years including Soul Revival, Think Tank, Redline, & Blue Cat Cafe.

Together Jaymz and K Civ invite you to experience Passage Boston, a journey in Music.