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Artist Spotlight : August

Artist Spotlight : August : Coming Soon!

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K Civ Hotter Than July Music Chart

   K Civ Hotter Than July Music Chart
1. Jaymz Nylon "Hueman" (Album)
2. Jovan Vucetic "Bloom" (Cee ElAssaad and Sound Of Mint Remix)
3. Randomize Coffee feat. Tony Cercola "Cotone Mediterraneo"
4. Andy Compton feat. Shamrock "Bunny Chow" (Original Mix)
5. Lemon & Herb "Ivory"
6. Recondite & Henrik Schwarz "Motion"
7. Bebi Philip feat. Eddy Kenzo "Balaumba" (Remix)
8. Hyenah "Dodoma"
9. Umii "Dangerous" (Ancient Deep Remix)
10. Te'Amir "Habesha" & "Afrika"
11. Alpha K "Afrovaganza" (Original Mix)
12. Andy Compton feat. Shamrock "Nifanyeje" (Original Mix)
13. Mike Steva "Sila"
14. Infinite Souls feat. Kaleem "Kokula" (Caiiro's Obeah Mix)
15. Chelsea Como feat. Jacko "TTYD" (Shino Blackk Blackkdraft Mix)
16. Marcel Vogel "If You Like" (Alma Negra's Wisdom Of Oz Remix)
17. Manoo "The Dub"
18. Chris Annibell feat. Rozie Gyems "Ye No ntem" (Original Mix)
19. Timmy Regisford feat. Raoul K. "The World" (Dounougnan Magni)
20. Four Tet "Sing" (Floating Points Remix)
21. Stones & Bones feat. Mpumi "Masambe" (Santiago Garcia Remix)
22. Floyd Lavine "Betiti" (Africa Techno Mix)
23. Ame "No War"
24. James Stewart "Cotounou" (Original Club Mix)
25. Cortney LaFloy "Intentions" (Rick's Pure Extended Roots Mix)
26. Eugéne Mona "Lizo" (Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Mix)
27. Hallex M. feat. Mordekhai "Night Goes On" (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix)
28. Chancha Via Circuito "Los Pastores"
29. Bosq "Because of You" (Caserta Spacetrumental)
30. Rancido feat. Jaidene Veda "Colors of Your Love"
31. Nickodemus feat. Grey Reverend "Music Man"

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Artist Spotlight : July : Mr. Fingers aka Larry Heard

Artist Spotlight : July : Mr. Fingers aka Larry Heard

"Larry Heard (born May 31, 1960, Chicago, Illinois) is a Memphis, Tennessee-based DJ, record producer and musician, widely known for the Chicago-based house music he produced during the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was leader of the influential group Fingers Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers. He is regarded as a pioneer of deep house music, moving house music away from its "postman tendencies" back towards the lush soulful sound of early disco music (particularly that of old Philadelphia International and Salsoul records).

Born on the South Side of Chicago, Heard grew up hearing jazz and Motown at home, and could play several instruments from a young age. Before beginning his solo musical career in 1983, he was the drummer, at the age of 17, in the band Infinity (a jazz fusion cover group that included Adonis). He is sometimes cited as having been a member of the Manhattan Transfer, but Heard has denied this, saying, "[I] filled in for somebody on one show. "He also worked for the US government as a benefit authorizer, which enabled him to buy his first studio equipment. Although he has created much music and his career is ongoing, he is best known for recording these songs, mostly from the mid-1980s:

"Precious Love" (collaboration with Son Dexter)
"Can You Feel It?"
"Bring Down the Walls" (ft. Robert Owens)
"Mystery of Love"
"Washing Machine"
"Donnie" (as the It)
"What About this Love"

Much of Heard's music is released and re-released under different names, which include Fingers Inc., Mr. Fingers, Loosefingers, Fingers, House Factors, and Trio Zero. Robert Owens was the vocalist on many of those tracks. Heard is also part of the duo known as the It, along with street poet Harry Dennis.

In October 2004, "Can You Feel It" appeared in popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on house-music radio station SF-UR and the song "Cosmology Myth" appeared in the 2009 video game Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, playing on the ambient/chill out radio station Self-Actualization FM."

K Civ Favorites
Mr. Fingers feat. Kriss Coleman "Shine" (Extended Club Mix)

Mr. Fingers feat. Robert Owens "Bring Down The Walls"
Larry Heard presents Mr. White "The Sun Can't Compare" (Long Version)
Mr. Fingers "Can You Feel It" (K Civ Demo Mix II)
Fingers Inc. "Distant Planet" (Dub Mix)
Mr. Fingers "Children At Play"
Larry Heard "Burning 4 You"
Mr. Fingers feat. Robert Owens "Never No More Lonely"
Kai Alce "Take A Chance" (Larry Heard Take 2 Instrumental)
Larry Heard "Guidance"
Mr. Fingers "Amnesia"
Jack Cutter "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix)
Mr. Fingers "The Children's House"
Larry Heard "Missing You" (Original Mix)
Mr. Fingers "Cerebral Hemispheres" (Original Mix)
Larry Heard presents Mr. White "Virtual Emotion"
Mr. Fingers "Mystery Of Love" (Original Basement Mix)
Fingers Inc. feat. Robert Owens "It's Over"
Mr. Fingers "Manhassett"
Wallflower "Say You Won't Ever" (Larry Heard Underground Mix)
Larry Heard "Reminisce" (D.A.T Vocal Remix)
Ananda Project "I Hear You Dreaming" (Larry Heard Nocturnal Mix)
Larry Heard "Missing You" (Larry's Jazz Cafe Mix)
Mr. Fingers "The Juice"
Larry Heard "Praise" (GU Thank You Mix)
Larry Heard "Space Jungle"
DaM-FunK "Believer" (Fingers Deep-Funk Remix)
Larry Heard "Deja Vu" (Remix)
Larry Heard "Black Oceans"
Larry Heard feat. Leroy Burgess "Feelin Me" (GU Remix)

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K Civ June ~ Summer Solstice Music Chart


     K Civ June ~ Summer Solstice Music Chart
1. Ancient Deep "Sonic Recovery" (Album) Immers Music
2. Dele Sosimi "Turbulent Times" (Armonica Remix)
3. Adam Port feat. Gigi "Enoralehu" (&Me Remix)
4. Aimo & Chaos feat. Pearl "Just Like Music" (Da Q-Bic Adumu Ceremony)
5. Honey Dijon, Tim K, & John Mendelsohn "Thunda" (Rampa Remix)
6. Rabs Vhafuwi feat. Papa "Try Harder
7. Floyd Lavine feat. Elias (GER) "Slow" (Original Mix)
8. Lindigo "Tany Be" (Alma Negra Rework)
9. DJ Vivona "World" (Jazzuelle Darkside Mix)
10. Taola "Freedom" (Manoo Alternative Vocal Remix)
11. Joe Claussell "Agora E Seu Tempo" (The Sacred Rhythm Latin 7" mix)
12. Upercent "Caos"
13. Moon Rocket "Intro"
14. Lemon & Herb "76"
15. Rabs Vhafuwi & Pale Rozay "Where She Goes"
16. Taola "Freedom" (Manoo Remix) 
17. Alma Negra "Haleto lale laló (Saho)"
18. Zepherin Saint feat. Diviniti "Take You There"
19. Unknown "Afro Jam" (Timmy Regisford vox remix)
20. Black Motion feat. Xili M & Ali Keys "Anyway"
21. Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That" (Kon Rework)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Artist Spotlight : June : Mr. Raoul K.

Artist Spotlight : June : Mr. Raoul K.

"Respect every culture.
Do not judge someone or something you don't know.
Stay open minded.
Love." - Mr. Raoul K

"Mr Raoul K hails from Agboville, Ivory Coast, West Africa. In 1992, he left Africa and moved to Hamburg, Northern Germany. While in Hamburg, he got seriously involved with the aesthetic vibe of dance and music. As a result, he started working as a D..

Mr Raoul K hails from Agboville, Ivory Coast, West Africa. In 1992, he left Africa and moved to Hamburg, Northern Germany. While in Hamburg, he got seriously involved with the aesthetic vibe of dance and music. As a result, he started working as a DJ. At the same time, he was getting a professional education as a carpenter. In 1999, he left Hamburg for a smaller city in Northern Germany called Lübeck. While working as a carpenter in Lübeck, he continued to DJ and finally set up a home studio to learn production basics through trial and error. As he is a quite rigorous guy, it took him a while to put together a track that met his demands. Following some unpleasant recording deals with certain labels, Mr Raoul K launched his “Baobab” label in 2007. His first release “Le Cercle Peul” got a warm welcome from many renowned producers (Jerome Sydenham, Josh Deep, Tobi Neumann, Henrik Schwarz, Jephte Guillaume) and clubbers worldwide.
Mr Raoul K combines traditional African instruments and rhythms with European production techniques and soundscapes to make beautiful afro-beat house and techno. Each release of his ‘Peul’ series features a specific African instrument as its main sound. On “Le Cercle Peul” he used the Cora (African guitar) while on “Le Karantkatrieme Peul” he used the Balafon (African percussion).

Raoul has gathered fans all around the world." - Resident Advisor website

K Civ Favorites
Mr. Raoul K "Jenseits" (Longer)
Mike Steva "Who Am I" (Mr. Raoul K's Afrothings Remix Shortplay)
Kuniyuki "Night Forest" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
Mr. Raoul K "Break Your Chains and Return to Botswana" (Mr. Raoul K's Percussion Version)
Sona Diabate "Sene Kela" (Mr. Raoul K & Laolu Version)
Mr. Raoul K & Laolu feat. Ahmed Sosso "Djougou Yah" (Original Mix)
Hyenah feat. B'utiza "Usutu" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
Manoo & Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Dixon Rework)
Mr. Raoul K "Africa" (12 inch version)
Mr. Raoul K "Le Karantkatrieme Peul" (Mr. Raoul K Unreleased Version)
Mr. Raoul K & Laolu feat. Ahmed Sosso "Djougou Yah" (Perc Mix)
Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra "Too Much Information" (Mr. Raoul K Transformation)
I-Robots feat. Mike Anderson "Zeroth Law" (Mr. Raoul K Ivory Coast Version)
Manoo & Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Trikk Dub Mix)
Maestro "A War Zone" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
Mr. Raoul K "Introducing My World" (12 inch version)
Arandel "In D#7" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
Mr. Raoul K "Break Your Chains and Return to Botswana"
Manoo & Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Dixon Rework Dub)
Mr. Raoul K "Dounougnan Magni"
Mike Steva "Who Am I" (Mr. Raoul K Remix)
Mr. Raoul K "Enchained Tribe"
Mr. Raoul K "Intelligent Revolution"
Mop Mop feat. Anthony Joseph "Let I Go" (Mr. Raoul K's Version)
Arno E. Mathieu, Raoul K, & Doungous Degospas "Le Tchadien" (Alternative Vox Dub)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

K Civ MayDay Music Chart

    K Civ MayDay Music Chart 
1. Amanda Black "Free" (K Civ Mix)
2. Moses Sumney "Doomed" (Coflo Deep Drum Edit)
3. DJ Applejac feat. Miles Bonny "Adinkra"
4. KingSfiso feat. Mbuso Khoza "Ilanga" (Manoo Remix)
5. Arno E. Mathieu feat. Jephte Guillaume "Ekzile Tropikal" (Extended Vokal 12" Version)
6. Musique "Keep On Jumpin" (Ancient Deep Mix)
7. David Mayer feat. Xolisa "Sondela" (Floyd Lavine's Drumversion)
8. The Midnight Hour feat. CeeLo Green "Questions"
9. Zapatilla "Concrete Words"
10. Hallex M feat. Jinadu "Beautiful World"
11. Evar After "Little Woman" (Coflo Remix)
12. Salem Tradition "Kabaré" (Alma Negra Rework)
13. Tony Allen "Asiko" (In a Silent Mix) (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
14. Kiwi "Daubenten Bat"
15. The Bayara Citizens "Electric Africa" (Full Album)
16. Coflo feat. Lady C "Reasons" (Original Mix)
17. Hallex M feat. Carlos Mena "Oggun" (Nickodemus Remix)
18. Triola "L'Atalante"
19. Nelo "Under The Sun" (Ancient Deep Remix)
20. Artispure & Matteo Candura feat. Cecy Santana "Maybe Baby" (Justin Imperiale Remix)
21. Andrew Edward Brown feat. Walt Elson "Do My Thing" (Jaymz Nylon Afro Tech Remix & Original Mix)
22. Henrik Schwarz & Metropole Orkest "Counter Culture"
23. The Midnight Hour feat. Carolina and Loren Oden "Feel Alive"
24. Wood, Brass & Steel "Funkanova" (Kon Rework)
25. Tony Allen "Asiko (In a Silent Mix)" (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
26. Jacob Collier "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"
27. The Midnight Hour "Black Beacon"
28. Michael The Lion "The Changer" (FSQ 9 Minutes to Manhattan Remix)
29. K Civ "Dub Delight" (Mass Migration Demo Mix)
30. Free Association "Polyrhythm Jizm" (Coflo Deeper Deep Edit)
31. Adja Soumano "Dja Dja" (Souldynamic Bootleg)

Friday, May 11, 2018

Artist Spotlight : May : Theo Parrish

Artist Spotlight : May : Theo Parrish

"Theo Parrish was born in Washington D.C. in 1972 and raised in Chicago, IL where his passion for music developed. He is the owner of the Sound Signature record label and he is a member of 3 Chairs, The Rotating Assembly, and T.O.M. Project. Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, Bob Marley, as well as his uncle, jazz musician Dexter Sims, all had strong influences on Theo's early musical life. Chicago's radio influences and House artists such as Ron Hardy , Larry Heard, Lil Louis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Gene Hunt , Mike Dunn, Frankie Knuckles , Walter Get Down Brown and Andre Hatchett, helped to spawn Mr. Parrish's early career.

He began spinning and producing tracks in 1986, at the age of thirteen... After graduating from the Academy for the Arts, he recieved a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute where his interest in music was taken to a new level through his study of sculpture. In 1994, he recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from KCAI with a concentration in Sound Sculpture, a form of orchestrationusing live instruments, looped recordings, the human voice, and numerous other sound generating devices. While in Kansas City, Theo continued to impact and be impacted by dance music, helping to bring a dormant underground music scene to life. In 1994, Theo Parrish moved to Michigan where he became heavily involved in Detroit's underground music scene. Producing music and delivering his unique and dynamic sets in venues throughout the Detroit and surrounding areas, as well as abroad he has gained the attention and respect of dj's, producers, listeners and dnancers worldwide."

K Civ Favorites
Theo Parrish "Love Triumphant"
Green Pickles feat. Billy Lo and M. Pittman "Feedback"
Kuniyuki "All These Things" (Theo Parrish Vocal Remix Version)
Theo Parrish feat. Jerry The Cat "Dan Ryan"
Tony Allen & Theo Parrish feat. Andrew Ashong, Eska, & David Okumu "Feel Loved"
Theo Parrish "Sawala Sayale"
Theo Parrish "Chemistry"
Jill Scott "Slowly Surely" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Black Bottom Collective "Invocation" (Theo Parrish Remix)
Theo Parrish "Leave the Funk To Us" (Raw Mix)
Freddie Hubbard "Little Sunflower" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Theo Parrish feat. John Douglas & Trent Mitchell "Suns of Osiris"
The Rotating Assembly feat. Genevieve Marentette "Mess I Made"
Theo Parrish "Soul Control"
Crue-L Grand Orchestra "(You Are) More Then Paradise" (Theo Parrish Long Version)
The Rotating Assembly "Orchestra Hall"
Theo Parrish "Anansies Dances"
Theo Parrish "Major Moments of Instant Insanity"
Theo Parrish "Synthetic Flemm"
Tulio De Piscopo "Stop Bajon" (T.P. Translation)
Theo Parrish "Space Station"
Theo Parrish "Summertime is Here"
Owiny Sigoma Band "Wires" (Theo Parrish Remix)
Theo Parrish "Going Thru Changes"
Tony Allen & Theo Parrish feat. Andrew Ashong & Eska "Day Like This"
Andrew Ashong & Theo Parrish "Flowers"
G.Q. "Lies" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes "The Love I Lost" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
LCD Soundsystem "Lies" (Theo Parrish Remix)
Theo Parrish "Space Bumps"
Minnie Riperton "Reasons" (Theo Parrish Edit)
Funkadelic "Undisco Kid" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
G.Q. "Is It Cool" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Theo Parrish "Footwork"
The Dells "No Way Back" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Sugar Hill Gang "Hot Hot Summerday" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Theo Parrish "You're No Good" (Theo Parrish Translation with Ashong)
Theo Parrish "Melloghettomental" (Instrumental)
Mind Fair "Kerry's Scene" (Sound Signature Translation by Theo Parrish)
Theo Parrish "Strawberry Dragon"
Theo Parrish "Walking Thru The Sky"
Duminie Deporres & Theo Parrish "Bi Location"
Theo Parrish "Make No War"
Duminie Deporres & Theo Parrish "No Demons, No Majic"
Theo Parrish "Heal Yourself and Move"
Theo Parrish "Friendly Children"
Theo Parrish "Sundown Town"
Willie Hutch "Slick" (Theo Parrish Ugly Edit)
Theo Parrish "Falling Up"
The Rotating Assembly "The Rust Organic"

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dancing on the Deck! Ancient Deep vinyl release party!

Dancing on the Deck!
Ancient Deep Vinyl Release Party
Push Push Salon 
Dancing on the deck returns with a special occasion not to be missed. Celebrating their latest vinyl release on Soul Clap Records, "Hard to fall", with a night of live percussion, a special appearance from title track vocalist, Cry No Más, and give always including copies of the record. Join us as we take pride in being able offer all this from our favorite little city.

Live vocalist:
Cry No Más

Rocks n Blunts(both J and W)
JB Dizzy
Push Push Salon
2820 Lewis Speedway
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

Friday, April 20, 2018

K Civ 4/20 Music Chart

     K Civ 4/20 Music Chart!
1. DJ Tipz feat. Kholi "Lifetime" (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
2. Moodymann "Pitch Black City Reunion"
3. Laolu & Mr. Raoul K. feat. Ahmed Sosso "Djougou Yah"
4. Nteibint & Stella "A State Nearby" (Adam Port Calypso Remix)
5. Oumou Sangare "Soumsoumba" (D'oké Mix)
6. Ess O Ess "Take You To A Secret Place" (Kuniyuki Soft Remix)
7. Sobek "Handmade Desire"
8. Carl Craig "The Melody" (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
9. Boogymann "Take a Chance to Dance" (Manoo Deep Remix)
10. Joan Bibiloni "El Salto Del Martin" (Kiki Navarro Afroteraneo Remix)
11. The Late Night Affair "It's Alright" (Salah Ananse Original Afro Mix)
12. Gabriele Poso "6 in 4"
13. Laolu "He a Savage"
14. Jose Marquez "Mali Blues" (Arno E. Mathieu Psyché Version)
15. Djeff Afrozilla "Labyrinth"
16. Mr. Fingers "Cerebral Hemispheres" (Original Mix)
17. Bolla (Joe Claussell) "Bonga" (Wandolo Vokal Version)
18. Vince Watson "Another Rendezvous"
19. Kiki Navarro "Ohashia" (Sobek Remix)
20. Coues "Beta" (Floyd Lavine Remix)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Artist Spotlight : April : Manoo

Artist Spotlight : April 2018 : Manoo

Born in august 1974 under the sign of the Leo ascendant Sagittarius cant live without music, ladies and smoked chicken Manoo began his carreer in 1995 in Lyon .His musical culture at this time included a wide range of styles: Hip-hop (De la soul), (A Tribe called Quest), Afro-beat (Fela Kuti, high life music..)and more specifically House music. He built himself a strong reputation as a Dj ,and more precisely for his capacity to dig out hot and exclusive tracks. In 1996 he became resident of the Ambassade known in France for having amazing sets and regularly hosted famous DJs. Thats how Manoo got the opportunity to heat the crowd for stars such as: David Morales; Kerri Chandler ;Todd Terry; Little Louie Vega; Dimitri from Paris; Dj Deep ;Saint Germain Thanks to his passionate and burning sets ,he gained week after week a larger and devoted following.

As a dj , Manoo is undoubtedly one of the greatest talent and a rising star of the French House community. In 2001,he made his first attempt as a producer. He started the Rodamaal project with his friends Alex and Rocco. Their first release love island on Jazz-up records obtained the press and Djs approval. This furthered their reputation and led Ben Watt -Everything but the girl , who is now a Dj and a label manager-to sign them on his own label BuzzinFly records. So they released the track Musica Feliz Rodamaal feat Nicinha on the English label. Manoo also made his solo debut on the same label the weeks after. In 2003 Manoo worked with Allen another Dj in Lyon. This first co-production proved to be a success too. Recognizing his talent Dj Deep managed to expose commercially the track The good reason .This co-production released on the excellent Parisian label Basenotic was played for months by DJs like Deep of course ,Laurent Garnier, Little Louie Vega , Dj Grégory , Llorca , David Duriez and many more 2004-2005 were also busy years including a co-production for Buzzin Fly records with a friend: Manoo & Francois A (6 in the morning & New life),a 4-tracks on Dj Deeps Label (Deeply rooted house records)..a new Rodamaal Remix for several artists and the outline of his solo album. Manoo:I was made for house music and music is my house.My motto is dance or die,when I see people standing still during my sets I feel like beat the shit out of them!

K Civ Favorites
Emile Nana "Music" (Manoo Remix)
Maurice Aymard feat. J.E.E.P. "Mellocoton" (Manoo Remix)
Lana Del Rey "Video Games" (Nooma Main Mix)
E&P feat. Jinadu "Sundroina" (Manoo Remix)
Nandu feat. Tyra "Glömde" (Manoo Remix)
Diephuis feat. Nathasja "Inside Me" (Manoo Drum Remix)
Kendrick Lamar "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" (Nooma's Beatbroken Remix)
SIRS feat. Cinnamon Denise "What A Day" (Manoo's Batucada Remix)
Sister Pearl "Feel It" (Manoo Remix)
Manoo & Mr. Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Dixon Rework)
Ron Trent & Manoo "The Sound"
London Grammar "Hey Now" (Nooma's Touch)
Stones & Bones "Wrong U" (Manoo Deep Remix)
Sister Pearl "Bang The Drum" (Manoo Remix)
Manoo "Kodjo" (K Civ Hook-up)
Boogymann "Take a Chance to Dance" (Manoo Deep Remix)
Manoo & Mr. Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Trikk Dub Mix)
David Anthony feat. Beverlei Brown "I Don't Know Why" (Manoo Remix)
Black Motion feat. Celimpilo "Ndinokuda" (Manoo's Aitf Remix)
St. Germain "How Dare You" (Manoo Remix)
MA/JI "Unchain" (Manoo Remix)
Nomisupasta & Vanco "Musukungsukela" (Calvin Manoo Aitf Remix Dry)
Black Motion feat. Soul flow "Mumi Wango" (Manoo Afro Mix)
Manoo feat. Alex Finkin "Soy Latino" (Main Mix)
Hyenah "The Wish" (Manoo Darkside Remix)
Manoo "Electronikart" (Original Mix)
Palamino "Oh My!" (Manoo Vocal Remix)
GummiHz "Secret Voyage" (Manoo Remix)
Manoo feat. Alex Finkin "Soy Latino" (Anane & Louie Vega Remix feat. Jose Mangual Jr.)
Black Coffee feat. Thiwe "Crazy" (Manoo & Francois Aymonier Deep Journey Remix)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Vinyl Essentials 2018

Vinyl Essentials 2018

Some extremely exceptional music pressed on vinyl this year.
Pick these up before it's to late!

Monday, March 19, 2018

K Civ March Madness Music Chart

     K Civ March Madness Music Chart
1. Ezel feat. Rebel Layonn "Let Go" (Original Mix)
2. Tony Allen & Oumou Sangare "Fadjamou" (St Germain Remix)
3. Kadebostany "Save Me" (Laolu Remix)
4. Kuniyuki vs Soul of Hex "Dampé"
5. Sister Pearl "Feel It" (Manoo Remix)
6. Soul Clap feat. Nona Hendryx "I Feel Joy (Feel The Spirit)" 
7. Zapatilla "Crumbling Down"
8. Jiwa "Dance With Me" (Coflo Afro Tech Remix)
9. Anthony Nicholson & Jaidene Veda "We Work Best" (Miquifaye Vocal Mix)
10. Ancient Deep "Master Faster"
11. Oumou Sangare "Djoukourou" (Auntie Flo Remix)
12. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 "Last Revolutionary"
13. Bosq feat. Kaleta "Gatekeeper" 
14. Marter "Comfort" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
15. Armonica feat. Toshi "Ngeke" (andhim remix) 
16. youANDme feat. Black Soda & The Analog Roland Orchestra "Reflection" (Hyenah Remix)
17. Model 500 "No UFO's" (Luciano Remix)
18. Snide Rhythms "Ginger Baker In Africa" (Auntie Flo Remix)
19. M. Caporale & Justin Imperiale "Picture"
20. Ancient Deep "Kill Switch"
21. OVEOUS & QVLN "Queimar" (Original Mix)
22. Amadou Balaké "Massa Kamba" (Ben Gomori's Massabbatical Edit)
23. Hanna Hais "Ta Reine" (Je ne veux plus être) [Mark Deutsche & Musoé Remix]
24. RY X "Bad Love" (Rampa Remix)
25. Jager feat. Golden Parazyth "Lustral" (Francesco Chiocci Offline in the Jungle Dub)
26. IMPS "Heaven and Bagpipes" (Koss Remix)
27. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver "Sunset" (Andre Lodemann & Fabian Dikof Remix)
28. Brad Ashwell feat. Don Forner & Buck Colson "Water In A Thousand Places" (Original Mix) 
29. Blaze feat. Palmer Brown "More Than Gold" (Doug Gomez Deep South Merecumbe)
30. SIR "The Canvas" (Applejac's Unhooked Generation Remix)
31. Vails & LOR "Line Of Your Soul" (Francessco Chiocci Remix)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Artist Spotlight : March : Osunlade

Artist Spotlight : March 2018 : Osunlade 

"Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Hailing from St. Louis Missouri,
 a place known for pioneering blues, ragtime and jazz as well. At age seven Osunlade discovered the piano and the vision of his life’s destiny was born. By the age twelve he found an interest in creating song. He later formed local bands, taught himself several instruments and studied further the development of his craft.

His professional journey began in 1988, at age seventeen during a visit to Hollywood. He quickly caught the ear of choreographer/performer Toni “Mickey” Basil. Offering him a role in the development of musical pieces for several projects including the children’s television series Sesame Street. With her encouragement he quickly moved to Los Angeles and began what would become a long history of music production. A few years later he would produce the very first album for the then independent Interscope Records. The artist was Gerardo, a long time friend and aspiring actor/dancer. “Rico Suave” one of the very first Latin pop songs and novelty catch phrases to date was born. Now with a multi-platinum album and four gold singles to his name, it wasn’t long before he was afforded many opportunities to master his craft.

Within the next years and over twenty albums credited, Osunlade felt the pressures and practices of the music business overshadowed his passion of music. He deciding to no longer work under the influences of corporate ideals and demands. Choosing to find spiritual solace and honor his soul, he was led to Ifa, an ancestral based culture/religion based on nature, deriving from the Yoruba tribes of Africa and practiced by the slaves during the Diaspora to America.

In 1999, Osunlade would embark on what is now his dream come true. The founding of Yoruba Records. Recognized as one of the most important dance music labels worldwide, Yoruba Records is purely a source of music created to elevate the soul.

As the success of the label grew, so did the demand for Osunlade to expand. In 2001 he released his debut album on the respected Soul Jazz Records label. “Paradigm” quickly became on of the biggest house albums that year and dubbed him the messiah of ancestral house music. With the support of dj’s worldwide and his music now introduced to a wider spectrum of listeners, this veteran musician/composer/producer becoming the artist finally achieved balance within.

Now known for his legendary dj sets, remixes and albums including several mix cd’s, Osunlade has placed himself on solid ground maintaining his reputation of unparallel quality in music" ~ FB Bio 

Thank You Osunlade for all that you have done.

   K Civ Favorites 
Osunlade "Atsuta Jingu"
Osunlade "Sendai"
Musiq Soulchild "Aimewitue" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Vivian Green "Emotional Rollercoaster" (Osunlade Mix)
Sir LSG feat. Jaidene Veda "Memories" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
AbysSoul feat. SIo "Words" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Oveous feat. Manchildblack "Never Fall" (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "Envision" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Gabriele Poso "Invocation" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Divine "My Reflection"
Osunlade "Stomp"
Andres feat. Monica Blaire "Learn To Love" (Yoruba Suite)
Zara McFarlane "Angie La La" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "Nyepi"
Wahoo "Shine" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Floetry "I Want You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Erro "Rock With You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ben Westbeech "So Good Today" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Prince "The Dance" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Roy Ayers "Tarzan" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Yoav "Adore Adore" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Erykah Badu "Twenty Feet Tall" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Miguel Migs feat. Meshell Ndegecello "Close Your Eyes" (Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Mix)
Sin Palabras "Yemaya" (Yoruba Afro Mix)
Indigénes "Da Hoti" (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)
Luke Solomon feat Natalie Broomes "Say Something" (People Stamp Your Feet) (Yoruba Soul Mix Parts I & II)
Oskar Offermann "Banauamas" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Electric Wire Hustle "By & Bye" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Deetron "I Cling" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Maya "Same Thing"
Elise "Poseidon" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Guti "Hurt" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Cesura Evora "Bondade E Maldade" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Radiohead "Feral" (Yoruba Soul Re Edit)
Alma Negra "Safari" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Renato Ratier "Teatime" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Wagon Cookin "En El Barrio" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Siji "Feels Like" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ian Friday feat. Chris Rob "Found Myself" (Unreleased Yoruba Soul Dub Vox)
Voodoo Game "On Se Pousse" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Sunlightsquare "Celebration Of Oggun" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Fantasia Burino "Free Yourself" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade feat. Wunmi "Rader Du" 
Quetzal Guerrero "Morning Gaze" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Masters At Work feat. Victor Duplaix "Reality" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Osunlade "A Cloudy Mist"
Michelle Amador "Because of You" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Ciara "Promise" (Yoruba Soul Mix)

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Coming Soon ~ K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ "Sounds of Merita" Immers Music

K Civ brings together sounds from across Merita while infusing rhythms and beats yet keeping the raw aspects of the original sounds. Sounds of Merita is inspired by devotion to bring indigenous sounds to the diaspora through aural expressions.

Merita is the original name for the continent known today as Africa. It is still currently used by ritual societies around the continent and world. The original Medu (hieroglyphics) word when translated reads Meri - Beloved and Tah - Land; Merita - Our Beloved Land.

Who made north/north and south/south? Who decided the direction to put the maps? “Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, more expensive real estate, and higher altitude, while south is associated with poorer people, cheaper prices, and lower altitude (the 'north-south bias'). When participants were presented with south-up oriented maps, this north-south bias disappeared.” - wiki

“Afrigogo” (Original Demo Mix)
Traditional Tanzanian players of the marimba chant a carefree dance, along with a type of spider’s web over a hole in the sound box which produces the resonating buzz sound. Add all of that with an african drug sample brings together Afrigogo.

“Tuareg” (Original Demo Mix)
Mali Chants like this are performed by the nomadic Tuareg people of the western Sahara to cure the ill. The music excites the sick person to dance in an increasingly vigorous manner until either cured or totally exhausted. The dance motion is similar in appearance to that of someone falling over his feet while running in place at top speed. This chant is performed by three men and four women, the lead singer is a female medium who first enters a trance then improvises florid melodic lines in seven languages, alternating between them so frequently that her words cannot be understood. Occasional outbursts of unusual vocal sounds are intended to represent the devil being chased away.

“Ahanta” (Good Night Axatse Mix)
At sunset a gathering of 18 females from Ghana perform this ceremony far into the night. Each member of the group sings and plays a large rattle (the axatse). While finding a comfortable range and harmony with the repeated choral phrase and the axatse, the participants achieve a level of total concentration.

"Ahanta” (Ancient Deep & K Civ Original Demo Dub)
Ancient Deep & K Civ give Ahanta a rhythm and flow that expresses a deep dark afro tech house vibe sure to entice any listener.

Immers Music 
Pre-Order Here Bandcamp
Worldwide Release: 4/4/2018

Exclusive Preview & Pre-Order

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K Civ February Music Chart

     K Civ February Music Chart 
1. Sir LSG feat. Kafele & Jaidene Veda "Memories" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
2. Wolf + Lamb feat. Russoul "Love You Still" (Lowheads Remix)
3. Andres feat. Monica Blaire "Learn To Love" (Yoruba Suite)
4. Wouter De Moor "Tesla Coil"
5. Prop & Ganda "Bigote"
6. Alma Negra "Berimbau"
7. Paris Cesvette, Ian Friday, & Omar "Smile" (Album mix)
8. Da Q-Bic "Secret Solstice" (Original Adumu Ritual)
9. Omar S "Psychotic Photosynthesis" 
10. Blames Brown "Beautiful Brown" (Original Mix)
11. Moon Rocket feat. Bel-Ami "Like Wind" (M. Caporale Soul B Side Rmx)
12. The Bayara Citizens "Aye Ye" (The Sacred Rhythm 12" Red Vinyl Version)
13. Ezel "Nibo" 
14. Mulya "Brick Talks" (Sobek Remix)
15. Anerah Yasole "Mistari" (MoBlack Remix)
16. Dario Rosa "No Ede"
17. Super Flu "Mygut" (Solomun Remix)
18. Russoul "In The Dark" (Afrofiesta Mix)
19. Smagghe & Cross "In The Morning" (Pilooski feat. Clément Croissant 'Smooth Not Criminal Remix)
20. Boddhi Satva feat. Maalem Hammam "Zid Lmel" (FNX Remix)
21. Kiko Navarro "Sea Goddess" (Main Mix)
22. Maestro "A War Zone" (Mr Raoul K Remix)
23. Oluhle & Nandu "Umfazi Omuhle"
24. Antonio Ocasio "Because I'm AFRO-Caribbean"
25. Freddy Da Stupid feat. Mogul SA "Bantu Origins"
26. Kendrick Lamar "Love" (Casamena Basement Edit)
27. Jack Cutter "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Club Mix) 
28. Kuniyuki Takahashi "You Should Believe"

Monday, February 12, 2018

Artist Spotlight : February : Kuniyuki

Artist Spotlight : February 2018 : Kuniyuki

"Kuniyuki Takahashi (often best known simply as Kuni or Kuniyuki) is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

He records under many different aliases depending on the style of music he is producing, including Forth (dub techno/acid house), Frr Hive (downtempo/drum n' bass), Koss (for techno). He was also a joint member of the group DRP (Deutsches Reichs Patent) along with other member Tomoyuki Murashige. 

His productions generally fit mainly within the house music and techno styles of electronic music." ~ wikipedia

    K Civ Favorites:
• Mr. Raoul K. "Africa" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki feat. Henrik Schwarz "The Session 2" (Original Mix)
• Slam Mode "Umri (Pacifica)" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• Land of Light "Flares" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• I-Robots "Come To Harm" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Arno E. Mathieu "Astral Caravan" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Night Forest" (Original Mix)
• Build Dub Green "Down to West" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Mr. Raoul K. "Dounougnan Magni" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Citizen of Peace "Heart Dance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki feat. Henrik Schwarz "The Session" (Kuniyuki's Piano Mix)
• Yakaza Ensemble meets Syunoven "Icbukeydis" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kazumi Watanabe "Garuda" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• NXS "Sleepers" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Kid's Breath" (South Children Remix)
• Webster Wraight Ensemble "The Vulture" (Kuniyuki Version 1)
• Kuniyuki Takahashi "You Should Believe"
• Hervé Samb & Daniel Moreno "Anta Diop" (Kuniyuki Drum Dub)
• Webster Wraight Ensemble "The Vulture" (Kuniyuki Verion 2 Instrumental)
• Erika Nishi "Summer Party" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Birds" (Original Mix)
• Soft "Uneri To YurAgi" (Kuniyuki A.Live DMT Dub)
• Kuniyuki feat. Bugge Wesseltoft "Inner Groove" (Original Mix)
• Yakaza Ensemble "Dal" (Kuniyuki Remix)
• Kuniyuki "Into Small Hands"


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Saturday, January 20, 2018

K Civ January Music Chart

      K Civ January Music Chart
1. Agnes Obel "Familiar" (K Civ Mix)
2. Kazumi Watanabe "Garuda" (Kuniyuki Remix)
3. Oumou Sangare "Laban" (Sobek Edit) 
4. Thor Rixon "The Clown" (Floyd Lavine African Techno Remix)
5. Citizen of Peace "Heart Dance" (Kuniyuki Remix)
6. Myles Bigelow Feat. Miles Bonny "In This Life" (Rafael Moraes Remix)
7. Eddieboi "Black Woman" (Toto Chiavetta Remix)
8. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Amor En Francia" (Nicola Cruz Remix)
9. Vanco, Afro Warriors, & Charlene Lai "Dancer"
10. Janine Lyons "Forbidden Song" (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
11. Son Palenque "La Negra" (Bosq Remix)
12. Ancient Deep "Makes A Whole"
13. Oumou Sangare "So Kira" (Timmy Regisford Remix)
14. Antonio Ocasio "What?!"
15. Joe Claussell "Therapy"
16. Izzy La Vague "You Are Like An Instrument Of My Life" (Instrumental Mix)
17. Ancient Deep "New Man" (Nelo's Xpression)
18. DJ Merlon "Inhliziyo" (Shelter Mix)
19. Unknown "Ingoma Yesintu" 
20. Anderson Paak "Seven Nation Army"