Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday October 13, 2017 ~ "The Cypher" ~ Boston


The Cypher

I'm excited to announce I will be a part of the HUBweek experience! Immersion, a 3-night experiential live arts experience, will take place Oct. 12-14th throughout The HUB, among shipping containers and geodesic domes, on stages big and small, and in unexpected locations. 
Featuring dozens of roving performances and experiences, including film 
screenings, performing arts, multimedia installations, light art, and 
immersive environments, Immersion presented by Union Point is designed 

to awaken creativity and showcase innovative work and techniques at the 
intersections of art, science, and technology.

Join me Friday night October 13, 2017 at
presented by BAMS Fest featuring a 12-artist cypher, projections, and access to the Immersion Lounge, let loose and unwind as the music takes you on a journey. Curious? 
Use code HWK.C. at checkout and get a 2 for 1 deal!

Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

K Civ Video Vinyl Session 1.o

K Civ Video Vinyl Session 1.o (recorded 9.22.17 w/playlist)
Enjoy, Vibe, and Share!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

K Civ September Music Chart

     K Civ September Music Chart
1. Webster Lewis "Do You Believe" (K Civ ReBump) (Rough Demo)
2. Zepherin Saint presents Kholi "Inner Freak" (!)
3. &ME feat. Fink "One on One" (Bedouin Remix)
4. Ancient Deep "I am Flesh"
5. XOA "Diaspora" (Laolu Remix)
6. Hallex M feat. Omar "Getty Getty" (Extended Mix)
7. MK "Kenkan" (David Montoya Edit)
8. The Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition" (Timmy Regisford Retouch)
9. Toshi feat. Nikos Diamantopoulos & Chris Deepak "Thema Limbi"
10. Larry Heard presents Mr. White "Virtual Emotion" (Main)
11. Skinnerbox "Gender" (Auntie Flo's Marimba Jam)
12. Coflo "O Mar Vai Te Balaçar"
13. Max Doblhoff feat. Idd Aziz "Wanionaje" (Aero Manyelo Remix)
14. Wareika Hill Sounds "Mass Migration"
15. Cee ElAssaad feat. Rahjwanti "Living Life" (Voodoo Mix)
16. Josh Milan "Music Is Love" (Honeycomb Extended Vocal Mix)
17. Alpha K "Latina Mia" (Original Mix)
18. Coflo "Quem Tem Fome"
19. Toshi feat. Da Capo "I Don't Understand"
20. Yakaza Ensemble "Dal" (Kuniyuki Remix)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Atlanta Weekender 2017 (Aug. 31 - Sept. 4)

The Atlanta Weekender

The 6th Annual Atlanta Weekender will take place August 31st- September 5th, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend) in Atlanta, GA. Most events will be centered in the Edgewood Club District in Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward Neighborhood. The festival will again be partnering with world-renowned venues The Sound Table & The Music Room (Edgewood Club District Anchors) for Atlanta Weekender-branded events.

The Atlanta Weekender is curated by Salah Ananse, DJ Kemit, Kai Alce & Ramon Rawsoul - the DJs for the annual event House In The Park, which has an attendance of 10,000+ each year. The festival was designed to provide a full weekend of events for the thousands of people who fly in each year for this event. The Atlanta Weekender has grown from a festival of 12 DJs in its first year to over 40 DJs in 2014.

Past Atlanta Weekender Guests Include: Ron Trent, Theo Parrish, Ian Friday, Tony Humphries, Jihad Muhammad, Karizma, Moodymann, Josh Milan, Bobbito Garcia, Sadar Bahar, Stephanie Cooke, Roland Clark, Carlos Mena, Norm Talley, Miranda Nicole, Sadar Bahar, Jamie 3:26, Rich Medina, Gwen Bunn, Khari Cabral, Chantae Cann and more! This year the festival plans to continue in that tradition! 2017 guest announcements below!

This year's weekender will feature:

LOVESEXY- The Prince Tribute Party
DJ Kemit presents: SOUL MAKOSSA 

The 2017 festival will be headlined by: 


Thursday, August 31, 2017 
LOVESEXY- The Prince Tribute Party
Venue: Wild Pitch Underground- 255 Trinity Ave.
DJs: Salah Ananse, Kwest_on, DJ Kemit

Friday, September 1, 2017
Venue: Moods Music- Little 5 Points

Venue: Space 2 at The Sound Table
DJs: Kai Alce, Omar S

Venue: The Sound Table
DJs: DJ Kemit Guest Josh Milan

Venue: The Music Room
DJs: Mark Farina

Venue: FWC Space
DJs: DJ Yusef & More

Saturday, September 2, 2017
Venue: Live Edge Atl- 792 Cascade Ave.
DJs: Sean Alvarez, DJ Kwest_on

Venue: The Warehouse 280 Auburn Ave.
DJs: Andy Compton, Stan Zeff, Steve Maxwell, DJ BE & More!

Venue: Studio No.7
DJs: Salah Ananse, DJ Beloved, K Civ
Live PA- Stephanie Cooke

Venue: The Sound Table
DJs: Ash Lauryn, Stefan Ringer, Austen Van Der Bleek

Venue: FWC Space 540 Marietta St.
DJs: Alton Miller, Al Ester, Daryl Dyer

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Venue: Grant Park
DJs: Kai Alce, Salah Ananse, Ramon Rawsoul & DJ Kemit

Venue: Studio No. 7 - 393 Marietta St.

Monday, September 4, 2017
RECOVERY: The Official ATLWKNDR Farewell Party
Venue: FWC Space 540 Marietta St.

Thursday, August 31, 2017
Studio No. 7- 9PM-12AM

Friday, September 1, 2017
The Sound Table- 10PM-12AM *Also the place to pick up Mark Farina & Free Ur Soul Tickets.
Moods Music- 2PM-8PM *Also the place to pick up Mark Farina & Free Ur Soul Tickets.

Saturday, September 2, 2017
The Warehouse- 3PM-6PM
The Music Room- 10PM-12AM *Also the place to pick up Expressions Tickets.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

K Civ August Music Chart

    K Civ August Music Chart
1. Ancient Deep feat. Cry No Mas "These Bones" (Original Mix)
2. Hanna Hais "PSCC" (Original Mix)
3. Philou Louzolo "Tartit's Diabba (Tribute Mix)" (Philou Louzolo Edit)
4. BiG AL & Christos Fourkis feat. Sha'Aban Yahya "A Dream In Bali" (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Remix)
5. Tyrone Francis "Obatala Rules"
6. Atjazz "Track 6" (Mix 1)
7. Mi Casa "Feeling You"
8. Chaos In The CBD "False Awakening"
9. Tenderlonius & Dennis Ayler "Butterfly"
10. DkA "Bonjour L'Afrique" (Sobek Seven Sisters Remix)
11. Demuir feat. Cynthia Amoah "Discover" (Nick Holder Remix)
12. H@k "The Underground" (Justin Imperiale Remix)
13. Celia Cruz "Un Bembe Pa' Yemaya" (DJ Jose Marquez Remix)
14. Shino Blackk "Wat If" (Shino Zoned Out Piece)
15. Doug Gomez "Merecumbe's Guiro" (Main Descarga Mix)
16. Girls Of The Internet "When U Go" (MoBlack Remix)
17. Myles Bigelow feat. Toto Berriel "El Rey De Los Truenos" (Kiko Navarro Remix)
18. YouANDme "Between"
19. Four Tet "Planet"
20. Hyenah "Ngifuna / The Wish"

Off The Chart Album Alert ~ "Wildflower" by Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard, & Tom Skinner

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Promotional Release ~ K Civ feat. Ahem Mediferai "Tuareg" (original demo mix)

K Civ feat. Ahem Mediferai "Tuareg" (original demo mix)

Tuareg ~ An original Tuareg people's medical chant gets a little added rebump from K Civ with some underground dance beats that take this original Tuareg medical chant to another level while hypnotizing any crowd or dance floor.

Tuareg Medical Chant ~
"Chants like this are performed by the nomadic Tuareg people of the western Sahara to cure the ill. The music excites the sick person to dance in an increasingly vigorous manner until either cured or totally exhausted. The dance motion is similar in appearance to that of someone falling over his feet while running in place at top speed. This chant is performed by three men and four women who are led by Ahem Mediferai, the chief of a tribe which was temporarily camped near Gao in north Mali. The lead singer is a female medium who first enters a trance while playing a small drum, then improvises florid melodic lines in seven languages, alternating between them so frequently that her words cannot be understood. Occasional outbursts of unusual vocal sounds are intended to represent the devil being chased away." ~ Stephen Jay 1976

Monday, July 17, 2017

K Civ July Music Chart 17 on 7.17.17

    K Civ July Music Chart 17 on 7.17.17
1. Oliver Dollar & Crazy P "Loose Beat"
2. Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam "Belma Belma" (Cuebur & Vanco Remix)
3. Manoo & Raoul K feat. Ahmed Sosso "Toukan" (Dixon Rework & Trikk Dub Mix)
4. Jazzuelle feat. Thandi Ntuli "Parallels"
5. J. Bernardt "Wicked Streets" (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
6. Julion De'Angelo "Chase The Summer"
7. Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby "Koma Kobache"
8. Glass Slipper "Release Me" (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape)
9. Kuniyuki "Acid Air"
10. Ezel "Origins" (Original Mix)
11. Vaudou Game "On se pousse" (Yoruba Soul Remix)  
12. Michael The Lion feat. Amy Douglas "Get It On" (Bosq Remix)
13. Adana Twins feat. Jeppe Kjellberg "Relentless" (Andre Lodemann Vocal Mix)
14. Thomas Xu "Acceptance"
15. Four Tet "Two Thousand and Seventeen"
16. Romanthony "The Wanderer" (Dixon Edit)
17. Erika Nishi "Summer Party" (Kuniyuki Takahashi Remix)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Utopia ~ July 8, 2017 w/ DJ Bruno & K Civ

Dj Bruno Productions in association with Eastcoast Underground presents:


UtopisBoston Recordings Record Release Party
celebrating the release of "B's Theme" out soon on

Saturday, July 8th
284 Amory St. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass
Be Prepared To Dance!
21+ | $9 |10pm doors

"B's Theme" by KCIVsAHC

KCIVsAHC "B's Theme"
available at

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

K Civ June Music Chart

     K Civ June Music Chart
1. K Civ "Rhythmo" (Rough Demo Version)
2. Bonobo feat. Innov Gnawa "Bambro Koyo Ganda" (Original & Analog Versions)
3. Howling "Phases" (Toto Chiavetta Colour Two)
4. Adam Port "Weekend" (Original Mix)
5. Zakes Bantwini feat. Nana Atta "All Around The World"
6. DJ Kemit feat. Choklate "Releasing" (Ancient Deep Soul Tickler Mix)
7. Anohni "Marrow" (K Civ Mix) [rough demo version]
8. Sunlightsquare "Oyelo"
9. Luke Garcia & Th3 Oth3r "Argul"
10. Mr. ID feat. Kawtar Sadik "Salat Ala Nabina" (Sifa Remix)
11. Ewonder & Egudileyo "Moyo" (Doug Gomez Merecumbetech Remix)
12. Kiko Navaroo & Concha Buika "Lo Siento" (Extended Original Mix)
13. Mowgan feat. Capone Adama  "Akele" (Ancient Deep One Love Mix)
14. DJ Vetkuk & Mahoota feat. Black Motion, Nokwazi, & Drumatic Boys "Thando Lok Dlala"
15. Moon Rocket & Angelo Ferreri "It's Gonna Happen"
16. Exte C "Mama Wethu" (Original Mix)
17. Alpha K "Klein Meisie"
18. Culoe De Song "Rambo"
19. Mr. Raoul K "Le Karantkatrieme Peul" (Mr. Raoul K Unreleased Version)
20. Anthony K. "Ritmo Dentro" (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Remix)
21. Apothem "War" (Enzo Elia's Calabro Edit)
22. Lessons "Tempest" (Adam Port Europa Remix Basic Facts)
23. Nickodemus feat. Hassan Ben Jaafer & Innov Gnawa "Mystic Molay" (Umoja Remix)
24. Freddy Da Stupid "The Percussion" (Dark Cestral Version)
25. Henrik Schwarz "Confirm Humanity"
26. Zara McFarlane "All Africa" (Alternate Take)
27. Catune "Geek Chic" (Kuniyuki's Journey Remix)
28. Rampa "528 Hz" (Live)
29. Mr. Raoul K "Introducing My World" (12 inch version)
30. Omar "Vicky's Tune" (The Reflex "Don't Stop" Remix)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

K Civ May Music Chart

    K Civ May Music Chart
1. K Civ & Ancient Deep "Ahanta" (Rough Demo)
2. Rebel Tumbao "A Love Supreme/Exodus" (Ron Trent Remix)
3. Carl Craig "Sandstorms" (Versus Version)
4. Zepherin Saint "One Sound" (Original)
5. Julius the Mad Thinker feat. Russoul "Fearless" (Club Mix)
6. Jack Cutter "Serpent Strut" (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix)
7. Oumou Sangaré feat. Tony Allen "Yere Faga" (Natureboy Flako Version)
8. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Maria No Me Llevo" (Quantic Remix) [limited 10" vinyl]
9. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons "I Found You" (Black Coffee Journey Remix)
10. Pastaboys feat. Osunlade "Deep Musique" (Rampa Remix)
11. Inaky Garcia "Dum Dum" (Moon Rocket Organ Remix)
12. Seven Davis Jr. "L.F.T.O.S" The Remixes Album [ essential songs ~ "Awake" (Casamena Remix), 
"The Weekend" (Teflon Dons Remix), "Mate" (Extended Mix), & "Champagne" (Produced by Jesse Rose) ]
13. Ancient Deep "Formicah"
14. Abstrkt Afriken Feat. Ade Alafia & Deep Just "Re-Evolution"
15. Jimpster "Silent Stars"
16. Soul Clap feat. Nona Hendryx "Shine (This is it)" (Hot Toddy Marimba Massage Vocal Mix)
17. Rampa "Hall of Violence"
18. Josh Milan "6.9.69" (Album) [ essentials ~ "Live Together", "Lamentations", "Dedication", & "The Big Brother" ]
19. Nibiru Humans "Space Entrance" 
20. Mudd & Pollard "Far Away"(Ron Trent Remix)
21. Khalil Anthony "Needed You Bad" (Byron The Aquarius Remix)
22. Exte C, Rhey Osborne, & Njabulo Msibi "Oh Oh Oh" (Original Mix)
23. Wolf + Lamb feat. John Camp "No Habla" (A-Rock's Summer Fling Mix)
24. Gregory Salto "Otro Dia" (David Montoya Edit)
25. Ancient Deep "Projections EP" (includes Lars Behrenroth Remix & "Early Werk" feat. Carlos Mena)
26. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Curao" (Album) [ essentials ~ "E Ye Ye", "Maria No Me Llevo", & "Maldito Muchacho" ]
27. Trus'me "So High" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
28. Lemon & Herb "Impi" (Original Mix)
29. Catherine Velienne "Mo Mari Fini Allé"
30. Eqwel/ze "Concrete Obstacles"

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mi Casa Holiday Season 9 ~ Costa Rica April 27-30

Mi Casa Holiday ~ COSTA RICA

Get ready for “a Beautiful Adventure”
Welcome to MCH Costa Rica 2017, the official start of MCH Season 9. This will be a very active few days with lots of walking and dancing. MCH Costa Rica will take place near it’s capital, San Jose. Gear up for awe- inspiring ecological sites, waterfalls, exotic animals, hiking, co ee, surfing on the world famous Jaco beach, fused with uplifting music events, and the largest and most acidic volcanic lagoon on earth, situated 8900ft above sea level, Poas Volcano.

Mi Casa Holiday | COSTA RICA | Schedule & Artists

Thursday April 27 - Opening party @ Lubnan - 9pm -2am
(Paseo Colon) 


 ~Friday April 28 - Pura Vida (Full Day adventure tour) ~

Saturday April 29 - MCH Beach/Day w/ Colette @ Jaco Blu beach 
club) 12pm -6pm - (9°37'01.4"N 84°38'03.1"W, Provincia de Puntarenas, Jacó)


Saturday night - Perspective album tour @ Antik - 10pm - 6am (Club/Night) Casa Matute, Calle 21 Ave 10, San José, Costa Rica


Sunday April 30 - Rain Forest 

Afternoon - MCH closing party 8ctavo Rooftop - 4pm - 10pm (Sheraton Hotel in Escazu, Costa Rica)


Thursday, April 20, 2017

K Civ April Four.20 Music Chart

     K Civ April Four.20 Music Chart
1. K Civ "New Sun" (Rough Demo)
2. Pablo Fierro "La Palma"
3. Kerfala Kante "Senekela" (D'oke Mix)
4. Afro Warriors Feat. Toshi "Uyankenteza" (Hyenah Vocal Remix)
5. Pablo Bolivar Feat. Upercent "Leaves Without Shadows" (Youandme Remix)
6. Bosq. Feat. Megan Doherty "Can't Seem To Hide" (12" Mix)
7. Marcel Vogel "Moonchild" (Soul Clap Remix)
8. Oumou Sangare "Dugu Kamalemba" (D'oke Mix)
9. Box & Frankie Parker "Fly Free" (Salah Ananse Takin' Over Dub)
10. Infinite Souls "Kokula" (Enoo Napa's Journey With Ra Mix)
11. Nomisupasta & Vanco "Musukungsukela" (Calvin Manoo Aitf Remix Dry)
12. Bjork "Who You Are" (Iron Man Edit)
13. Shannon Harris "Saba Chakra"
14. Pablo Martinez "Haiti78" (P4BLO Mix)
15. Mablisi "Pagba" (Cosmo & Kramer Remix)
16. Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo "Senhor Doutor" (Adam Port Edit)
17. Floyd Lavine "Ayub"
18. Till Von Sein Feat. Russoul "It's All in the Spirit" (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
19. Ryan Murgatroyd "Kanna"
20. Kuniyuki "O-P-S-01"

Saturday, April 8, 2017

"Adult Selections" Jaymz Nylon's Weekly Deep Motion FM Radio Show #201 w/guest K Civ

"Adult Selections" 

"Adult Selections" Weekly Deep Motion FM Radio Show by Jaymz Nylon.
 Every Friday (timezones included below) ~ Tune in! worldwide 

Thank you for your continued support!!! 

Duration: 60 min
Montreal/New York/Boston: 15:00-16:00
Los Angeles/Seattle: 12:00-13:00
London: 20:00-21:00
Paris/Berlin/Johannesburg: 21:00-22:00
Sydney/Melbourne: 06:00-07:00
Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires: 16:00-17:00
Tokyo: 04:00-05:00

*Adult Selections Live will not be available in the U.S. market.
A Mixcloud upload of Adult Selections will be available and linked below.

Adult Selections #201 - Guest DJ K Civ 

1. St. Germain "How Dare You" (Atjazz Remix)
2. Rokia Traore "Nienafing" (D'oké Blitz touch)
3. Oskar Offermann "Bananuamas" (Yoruba Soul Mix)
4. Adam Port & Stereo MC's "Changes" (Adam Port Remix)
5. Jepe "Amaebi" (Original Mix)
6. Mius Feat. Dóri Hegyi "The Hunting" (K Civ Mix)
7. Ancient Deep "Yugen 8" (Open Sources)
8. Sona Diabate "Sene Kela" (Mr Raoul K & Laolu Version)
9. Nina Simone "Strange Fruit" (The Black Loops Mix)
10. Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley "Waiting For A (Woman)" (The Revenge Rework | Dixon Beat Edit)
11. Quantic & Nidia Góngora "Que Me Duele?" (Radio Edit)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ancient Deep "Yugen" (K Civ Remix)

"Yugen is an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics. 
The exact translation of the word depends on the context. In the Chinese philosophical texts the term was taken from, yugen meant "dim", "deep" or "mysterious". Yugen suggests that beyond what can be said but is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience."

Dig deep and get lost in the music.

Friday, March 24, 2017

K Civ March Music Chart

   K Civ March Music Chart
1. K Civ "Tuareg" [demo]
2. JtMT "Perspective"
3. Popol Vuh "Heart of Glass" (Sei still wise ich bin edit) [Henrik Schwarz, Dixon, & Ame A Critical Mass Remix]
4. Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley "Wating For A (Woman)" (The Revenge Rework / Dixon Beat Edit)
5. Rokia Traore "Nienafing" (D'oké Blitz Touch)
6. Mike Steva "Who Am I" (Mr. Raoul K's Afrothings Remix Shortplay)
7. Floyd Lavine "Emogin"
8. Ancient Deep "La Freq"
9. Eqwel/ze "Layer" (12" version)
10. Randolf "Shake House" (Kuniyuki Mix)
11. Moon Rocket & Moblack "Gafara" (Afro Main Mix)
12.Toribio "Esa Montana Se Movera" (Joe Claussell's Teenage Music Remix & Original Mix)
13. Miles Bigelow feat. Toto Berriel "Representa Guajiro"
14. Jason Short "Beyond The Farthest Reach" (Original Mix)
15. Keziah Jones "Functional" (D'oké Blitz Touch)
16. DJ Jacko feat. Chelsea Como "Paradise" (Blackdraft Deep Dub)
17. Oumou Sangaré "Sabu" (D'oké Blitz Touch)
18. The Black Mass Choir feat. Andy Hillward "And She Parted The Red Sea" (The Sacred Rhythm Sunday Morning Sermon Stomp 12" version)
19. Popol Vuh "In den Garten Pharaos" (Moritz von Oswald Remix)
20. Pablo Sekou & Sidiki Conde "Unknown" (D'oké Blitz Touch)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Osunlade "Pyrography" ~ 2x12" Vinyl Album + Book

Osunlade originally released "Pyrography" back in 2011 as a limited edition release which was the "Pyrography" CD and Book. "Pyrography" was suppose to be his last House music album, thankfully that wasn't the case. But in this case we are extremely excited that BBE Records brings the original release back to life and rereleases some have called a cultural artifact more than an album, this time as 2x12" Vinyl Album and Book.

"The Pyrography book was compiled in collaboration of the refined artistry between Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr & Osunlade. Each track produced on the Pyrograhpy album has it’s own visual accompaniment by Marr, which is found in the book. Pyrography is an ancient African art-form used by various native tribes, it is the burning of designs onto natural materials as canvas, with various smoldering techniques. Pyrography ‘The book’ also comprises of respectful translations of the prayers of the Orishas, which have only been orally passed down undocumented."

"In 2017, BBE are proud to team up with the mercurial DJ, producer and ordained Yoruba priest Osunlade to make this incredible work of art available on vinyl for the first time. Two heavyweight 12” records nestle in the front and back covers of a lovingly printed book containing a brief history of the Yoruba culture, Scott Marr’s evocative images and those all-important traditional oriki prayers by Maria Oggun Bemi. Placed at the meeting point of art, culture, history, music and spirituality, Pyrography simply cannot be described or compared, much like the ritual Anagó language the project celebrates.

The work in this book was created in honour of the Yoruba Orisha gods.
Its concept, music and artistic direction by devotee and Yoruba priest, Osunlade."

BBE Music website

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

K Civ February 28th 28 Music Chart

K Civ February 28th 28 Music Chart

1. Burnside "P.B.M." (K Civ Mix)
2. Quantic & Nidia Gongora "Que Me Duele?"
3. Sona Diabate "Sene Kela" (Mr Raoul K & Laolu version)
4. Adam Port & Stereo MC's "Changes" (Adam Port Remix)
5. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, & Junior "Lingala" (Original Mix)
6. Nina Simone "Strange Fruit" (The Black Loops Mattski Mix)
7. Quandary (IanRock & Ro Edit #1)
8. Charo Veleciao, Realm of House, & La Nena "Cubanacan" (Doug Gomez Deep Merecumbe Mix)
9. Art Of Tones "So Worried"
10. Jepe "Ameabi" (Original Mix)
11. Till Von Sein "Puntarenas"
12. CoFlo feat. Gyrefunk "Ue Ue" (MoBlack Organic Mix)
13. Wildbirds & Peacedrums "Peeling Off The Layers" (Francesco Chiocci Remix)
14. Enzo Elia "Drifting" (Moscoman Remix)
15. Jimpster "Towards The Seer" (Andre Lodemann Remix)
16. Gabriele Poso "Cafe de Ochun"
17. Frankey & Sandrino "Wega"
18. Dos Palos "Tear It Down" (12" Mix)
19. Auntie Flo "Rainfall on Red Earth"
20. Omar feat. Mayra Andrade "De Ja Vu"
21. Rainy Payne "Unspoken" (Osunlade Mix)
22. Soul Clap feat. Ebony Houston "Numb" (David Marston & Myles Karp Remix feat. Aquiles Navarro)
23. SoulStar "Bambelela" (Original Mix Produced by Da Capo)
24. Bobby Hutcherson "NTU" (Joe Claussell Overdub)
25. Rampa "The Touch"
26. Prequel "Chant For You" (K Civ Edit)
27. Cuebur Feat. Lisa M. "Power In You"
28. William Onyeabor "Good Name" (Auntie Flo Edit)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Immers Music Showcase at Erato ~ February 18, 2017

T.C.C. ~ The Couples Couple & Manolos's Daughter Present:
Immers Music Showcase @ ERATO
~ February 18, 2017~
Ancient Deep
K Civ
w/residents ~ T.C.C. ~ The Couples Couple (DJ Dende & Mystina)
Hosted by: Liza Zayas

T.C.C. The Couples Couple Dende and Mystina & Manolo's Daughter are wildly looking forward to the return of DJ/Producer K CIV and our welcoming Ancient Deep to ERATO on February 18th!

ERATO hosts The Immers Music Showcase featuring 

Ancient Deep (Immers Records, Open Bar Music, & Soul Clap Records)

K Civ (Immers Records, Utopia Boston, & Soul Clap Records) 

with T.C.C.- DJ Dende and Mystina all night! 

Join us in the celebration of these men on deck and timbales alongside T.C.C.! Links below take you the place you'll find their music before they bring it to you at ERATO!!! 

We will see you there!! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017
Club Bohemia (lower level of Cantab Lounge)
738 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
Doors 9pm / 21+ / $10 
Dress code nonexistent ♥

Ancient Deep

Ancient Deep is a dj/production duo group consisting of Little Bill and Dorian the Percussionist, that specializes in dance music of all genre's and all decades. Both Little Bill and Dorian began their journey as strangers digging through records at a local shop in St Augustine, Florida, and they quickly recognized their similar taste for soul. Little Bill had a warehouse down the street and invited Dorian to bring some jams over and play around. Upon a great night of just musical expression, the two said we have to do this again. They decided to do it monthly and before you know it, it became one of north Florida's premier spots for quality dance music, The Garage was born.

Why the Garage? simply because it was in their garage.. The Garage has hosted top talents such as Roy Davis Jr, K Civ, Quest-One, Master Kev, Leonard Remix Rroy, Dj Kemit, Rich Medina, Lars Behrenroth, and so on.. After three years of Promotions and Djing along side such influence, it was inevitable for the two join forces as a performance, Ancient Deep!
Dorian had been producing music for years before and had been inviting Little Bill into the sessions and soon the two would begin their productions to add to their sets. Oscar P owner of Open Bar Music was one of the first to see this talent and signed Ancient Deep's "Thunder Call" ep to the Open Bar Music label which released in 2015. Oscar P wasn't the only one, Soul Clap also picked up a few rare Ancient Deep Edits/Reworks for Soul Clap Records and Crew Love members. Most recently launching a Record Label (Immers Music) in 2016 (sub label to Nylon Recordings), Ancient Deep released the first ep on the label called "disFUNKtion" which along with other productions are driving dance floors across the world into a frenzy! This is obviously only the beginning of what's to come musically from Ancient Deep. By playing their own remixes, originals and edits, Ancient Deep brings a unique experience to any event. The element of live percussion along with playing their own productions allows them to break apart songs for live instrumentation, adding to the performance. At any event featuring Ancient Deep, there will be soul, but soul doesn't have a tempo, it doesn't have a specific sound, or genre, as to them, Soul is the feeling, and these guys feel it.

K Civ

For 20+ years K Civ (aka DJ KC Hallett) has brought healing, empowerment and joy to many lives through music. K Civ’s passion with music began as a dance enthusiast who traveled hundreds of miles from all over New England and NY, frequenting many venues including “The Loft” in Boston with others such as “Shelter” and "Body & Soul" in New York City. However an injury which could have been perceived as a misfortune actually was the opportunity for a transition that allowed him to manifest his love of music by bringing it to others. He started collecting and mixing records to keep him involved with the music he loved. It started with just Deep House music but has branched out into many genres of music. As he stays true to the House music sound he also has a love for Jazz, R&B soul, Funk, Techno, World, Reggae, Disco Classics, Global Soul, etc... 
K Civ moved to Boston from New Hampshire in 1998 and started focusing on his DJ career. To help with his initiation into the craft of being a DJ, K Civ worked in three record stores in Boston (Biscuithead, Boston Beat and Satellite records) and spun at numerous venues all over the world. K Civ is well known for being a resident DJ at Soul Revival, which was Boston’s longest running dance party. Soul Revival was noted by both Rolling Stone and Urb Magazine as one of the hottest dance parties in the US.

K Civ has grown to be known as one of the greatest DJs Boston has produced. Not just a great DJ to dance to, but rather a true master of the craft. “A DJ’s DJ” is often said when asked about him. His ear for music and appreciation of sounds from all over the world keeps him at the top of the list for tastemakers and his passion keeps him ahead of the time. He is the creator of a highly watched blog and chart, by some of the biggest names in the industry. As a producer his edits/reworks have gained recognition and placed him among the elite on the scene. His deep understanding of the craft and the impact he has on others is at the root of the quality and ethics apparent in his presence and work.

T.C.C. The Couples Couple
Dende and Mystina
TO BE IN LOVE Is Everything: Soul, Music, Dance, Family, Union.
DJs Dende & Mystina, The Couples’ Couple, are the embodied treasured gem of these five vivid realities. Together, they share their bonded words: House Music is a Giver of Life and a part of who they are.
Dende & Mystina debuted as sole DJs, playing parties in Lowell, Boston and Cambridge. Fated, they played a guest set as a Force of One duo at H.O.M.E., a DJ Bruno and Boston Househeads Production. This guest set changed everything. DJ Dende & DJ Mystina decided to become DJs Dende & Mystina, a tag-team duo who will bring to the table their support for each other, their shared love for House Music and their goals to play the hottest music while aiming to throw the party into a dance frenzy, as they do!
Since the debut of T.C.C. in 2013 they have earned residency at one of Boston’s longstanding events: Utopia Boston. They have spun at a number of Boston events, including an invitation to play at The Gathering, a yearly Thanksgiving tradition, alongside other Boston veteran jocks. They have also played alongside Jihad Muhammad, Trinidadian Deep, JusticeNYC, have played guest sets at Bang The Drum in NJ, House of Musical Expression, or H.O.M.E., House Of Pela, & UNITY in Boston as well as NYC DEEP in NY. They have also done opening sets for Legends Quentin Harris, Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega & Anane Vega (Moon Ritual).
*We thank you for going along this journey with us by supporting this page and our act. Future dates will be posted, along with new mixes.*
“Our promise is to always play from our hearts.” This is T.C.C.!