Saturday, April 13, 2013

kcsgroove April 2013 ~ part 2

kcsgroove April 2013 ~ part 2

1. C.9ine "Ambiance" (k civ dj edit)
2. Culoe De Song feat. Happy "Lovin Marvin"
3. Shea "Where Did You Go" (atjazz remix)
4. Jimpster "Towards The Seer" (k civ extended edit)
5. DJ Kent feat. The Arrows "Spin My World Around"
6. Kruse & Nuernberg ft. Nathalie "Leaves Fallin" (mario basanov remix)
7. Bosq of Whiskey Barons feat. Kaleta "Up & Down" (nyc 91 mix)
8."Ralf Gum ft. Kenny Bobien "The Only Way" (raw artistic spiritual touch)
9. The Machine "Talking Dolls" (joe claussell re-interpretation)
10. C.9ine "Donia"
11. Mike Steva "Chiko"
12. Toto Chiavetta "Become One"
13. Nastee Nev "Unknown" (unreleased promo)
14. Salif Keita feat. Vusi Mahlasela "Angola" (culoe de song remix)
15. Florence & The Machine "What The Water Gave Me" (n.d. promo mix)


Unknown said...

Is this mix going to be available again? The tracklist looks amazing!

kcsgroove said...

keep an eye on