Sunday, March 19, 2017

Osunlade "Pyrography" ~ 2x12" Vinyl Album + Book

Osunlade originally released "Pyrography" back in 2011 as a limited edition release which was the "Pyrography" CD and Book. "Pyrography" was suppose to be his last House music album, thankfully that wasn't the case. But in this case we are extremely excited that BBE Records brings the original release back to life and rereleases some have called a cultural artifact more than an album, this time as 2x12" Vinyl Album and Book.

"The Pyrography book was compiled in collaboration of the refined artistry between Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr & Osunlade. Each track produced on the Pyrograhpy album has it’s own visual accompaniment by Marr, which is found in the book. Pyrography is an ancient African art-form used by various native tribes, it is the burning of designs onto natural materials as canvas, with various smoldering techniques. Pyrography ‘The book’ also comprises of respectful translations of the prayers of the Orishas, which have only been orally passed down undocumented."

"In 2017, BBE are proud to team up with the mercurial DJ, producer and ordained Yoruba priest Osunlade to make this incredible work of art available on vinyl for the first time. Two heavyweight 12” records nestle in the front and back covers of a lovingly printed book containing a brief history of the Yoruba culture, Scott Marr’s evocative images and those all-important traditional oriki prayers by Maria Oggun Bemi. Placed at the meeting point of art, culture, history, music and spirituality, Pyrography simply cannot be described or compared, much like the ritual Anag√≥ language the project celebrates.

The work in this book was created in honour of the Yoruba Orisha gods.
Its concept, music and artistic direction by devotee and Yoruba priest, Osunlade."

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